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Christopher Reeves died yesterday, but instead of looking at his life as a tragedy, I was in awe of it. He didn't have alot of things that most of us take for granted, but he had an amazing wife who truly loved him and stuck by him for better or for worse. When interviewed, his wife had said that she missed the simple things...having him hug her and put his arms around her...or brush her hair away...and intimate things couples share... but that her husband was still the man she married and loved, even if he was in a wheelchair. I was so incredibly touched...and felt encouraged and uplifted at the same time. Sometimes we get so jaded by hearing bad stories of heartbreak and betrayal and we don't pay enough attention to the true stories of love and commitment that do exist.


That's the kind of love I want -- and that's the kind of love I think we all deserve and are capable of having and giving. If you're ex left you...for whatever reason...just let them go. I know it hurts, but its for the best in the longrun. Look at it as another shot at love and at life..and to have something that can be even more amazing than what you had with your ex. Someone out there will love you unconditionally and want to work through problems and struggles with you...and not run or escape from them.....and you owe it to yourself to find that love - and when you do, not to trample over it...but work through it with respect, kindness, honesty and commitment.


My ex has been out of my life for a couple of months now. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt -- it does, and I know I still love him, and will for a long time. But I also love myself, and would never want someone to be committed to me when they didnt really love me. I know I deserve more...and I think we all do. I'm tired of beating myself up about this relationship and "what could've been." I've learned alot of valuable lessons not only about myself but about life.....and now I think I should look at "what could be."


We have so much that we take for granted. Many of us are healthy, young, beautiful, funny, charming, and have countless other gifts. I, for one, will not waste another day wallowing in self-pity or hopelessness. Our futures are in our hands, and will be determined by our attitudes. I think Christopher Reeves was a great example of that sort of spirit.

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Your absolutely right. A lot of us do take our situation for granted. We never know what we have until we don't have it. We should just be happy that we are healthy.


Christopher Reeves wife is obviously an exceptional woman. It can not be all that easy watching her husband suffer like that. I know a family like that, where the father can't walk well, and him and his wife have an amazing relationship. I was enjoyed being around them because of the example they set. Almost seems like most need a taste of tradgedy to realize what we have or what we want.



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