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Do any of u ever feel so empty/lonely like me?

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Its like i keep on going with life but yet i feel so empty and i feel whats the point?Its like i try things out and i am never good at anything there is always someone who is a lot better then me at it i just never feel good at it all.Just things like not having a gf like no girl at all to look forward to at all but just lonliness.its like people consider me good at this game i play but really i suck compared to a lot of people.And like all them have a girlfriend or someone special to look forward to while when i get off i have mister bed to look forward to and go to sleep in it feeling lonely and empty.Its like i think and dream about how i dont get treated the way i should when im such a nice person in real life yet people treat me badly like i am a loser.Even with family i never feel all that loved or like i have such a good point to them although i know they love me yet many days i dont feel that important to anyone.I feel like im important to anybody.Even grades in school have been failing although i can get great grades but i am always depressed and thinking about stuff instead of doing homework.it just all comes down to the end where i feel so empty because of people putting me down.Im just wondering if anybody else feels this way just like empty and lonely?

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yeah there are plenty others that feel that it's all pointless and completely useless. with an emmence lonliness consuming their body, heart, mind and the very pit of their stomach. as a matter of fact i feel as if i am one of those people. just so many people get you so caught up in your emotions you forget to take it one step at a time and try to run before you can walk. but the utter lonliness is overwhelming and i completely undrstand where you're coming from.


- life is just a lesson learned when you're through- my friend Dalton's fav. saying

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i feel exaclty the same way everything you said i felt the only thing was i paly football and just as i began t oget good i got injured and have 2 get an operation and miss out for two years, i could of made it professional i believe. but now everything good i get gets taken away from me. so i dont believe in anything no more , cause truth is there is now hope for me, i go through life so someone else can have good luck and i in result get all the bad luck, i dont have anything anymore and it really hurts

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Nah iono man i feel the same way as but the only difference.Is that whenever i feel that im getting good at something someone comes by who is way better then me and puts me down calling me a scrub at it and breaks me and i jsut give up feeling so bad.Its like they just shatter what lil sense of confidence i have right there and take any i have away from me gaining more for themseleves and i just can never feel good about one fricken thing.i always have to be put down constantly and i never ever feel good at anything and im always lonely so we r pretty similar.

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Iono its just like somedays i feel the need to give up and just want to die.its like somedays u just think what is the point.Like especially on the days i do things to people which are very nice.Especially the great day i gave my friend 100 dollars to pay off his electricity bill.And im out with some girl which i didnt consider a date at all because by the end of the night she was over away from me flirting with some guys and leaving me by myself lonely : !!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean do i really deserve these things?????And then othe days where i help a lot of people out.Then my mom complains at me and tells me so many things i did wrong and puts me down on a day i feel good for helping people!Like whenever i do something so helpful to people i pay and i pay with being depressed and being put down.Some days i just feel like dying like right now since people dont seem to like what i do and dont like being around me sometimes like my mom.Why not end it here and just kill myself? i always ask myself.I just dont get it whats is the point to go on whenever being nice makes u suffer!

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Shinobie, I am going to be very direct with you. I have followed your posts for some time. You have some considerable self-esteem issues that need to be worked on so that you don't have this constant sense of "powerlessness" - that life is a certain way and you don't have any control over it.


I really feel your issues are significant enough that professional counseling would be the best avenue for you.


Have you thought about this?

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Iono a couple of times but i dont feel like i can tell anybody i need that type of help.Imma bottled up person that doesnt rally like anyone to know whats going on with me ever but iono .I've never seeked that type of health before but the one time i tried to commit suicide they were thinking about giving me that type of help but then they didnt.

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I understand where you're coming from, but do you really want to go through life with such a low opinion of yourself - when counseling could actually change this?


A lot of people get therapy. It doesn't mean you're nuts or hopeless. It means you aren't currently satisfied with how you are living your life, how you feel about yourself and your decisions, etc. and you want objective feedback from someone that can help you get on a positive track.


I really think it could do you a world of good. I sense you would like to be happy. I think therapy could teach you some tools that would help you create your own happiness, and feel like you have a meaningful and important place in this world.


Just give it some thought. If you ever want to PM me about it, feel free.


- Scout

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therapy........ that's something to think about, they listen, they try to help and they don't judge you!!!! if you can't get to a "professional" try you school counsilor, and if you can't do that either try the suicide prevention hotline that is always on the inside of the front page of the phone book. you're at the point of break where you feel every one just looks down on you and takes you for granted and so what...... you know you're worth more than that, so just live day to day finding your place in life and follow your dreams. you're a great guy and if they can't see that they're not worth the stress you put yourself through. hope it all gets better for you.

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It would be a very good idea to see a therapist,


You could even talk to your family doctor (the one who prescribed anti-depressants). they could suggest someone. Then you can work on your self esteem, and confidence.


You could even tell your parents that you think it would be a good idea. If they know you've attempted suicide, and really un happy then I couldn't see why they'd disagree.


whats there to lose, if your considering suicide, or not happy with your life.


please dont ever attempt suicide again. I find it very selfish and cowardly for someone to take there life. Think about all of your family members who would have to go to your funural. As long as your alive your life can change.


take it easy

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I really don't think I can offer any good advice--other than you really need to find something to keep you going....sooner or later you'll get yours.


This is more to tell you that there is a lot of people out there that are as lonely and depressed as you--I'm one of them, I've considered suicide many times but i know that i have to find something to keep me going and im still here so..... I feel like I could die right now and no one would care. I won't fill you in on the story but if you want to you can check out my post from a couple of days ago.


Maybe a therapist could help you. And if you did decide to see a therapist, it could be your little secret. I mean my own step-mom has been seeing a therapist for as long as i've known her and i just found out because she told me a couple weeks ago.


Always remember that suicide is not an answer--is is a permanent solution that is completely irrational. Just think...absolutely no future....no chance to ever become happy. If you seek help than you may build up your self-esteem and become happy and confident in yourself; however, if you kill yourself, you can not become what you desire.

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I was like that forever it seems like. When I was growing up ( still am) I was picked on for everything. I was depressed and suicidial . no one really cared. One day I came to the realization of Why should I care what others think of me. That was when I started living for my self and not for others. I went for counciling 3 years. 1st year I went through 3 councilors to find the one that was suited for me. I moved out of my home when I was 16 because I was living in an emotionally abusive home. When I turned 19 I moved to a bigger city. Where I was able to move on with my life. Now I am happy and living a life that I want. SO don't give up and get some counciling it really and truly does help.

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