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umm... ive been cyber-friends with a guy, for like a year now..ive seen him with his webcam, and ive sent him my pic, everything was just great, hes really fun, and i had a great time chatting with him.. till it became more like an obssesion, and we started to get really attached.. One day he started asking me to call him, he said he felt weird, me having seen him on his cam, and he thought i knew more about him, than he knew about me.. but the thing is.. i just didnt feel confortable in calling someone ive never met in person over the phone, i really did know he wasnt a 50 year old guy cuz ive seen him on his webcam, but i just .. i dont know.. its like i didnt trust him.. i really wanted to call him, and he said he would call me if it was for the money, but it wasnt about that.. i didnt wanna give him my phone number, and he was about to give me his.. but i just didnt wanna call...then he wouldnt let it go, he just wanted me to call him so bad.. and then he realized that was just too much, we didnt know each other in person, we've only been chatting online, and we were like.. way too attached for our own good... and then i realized he was right... i felt bad if something happened to him or his family, he would tell me everything, and i did the same, but it just isnt real, sicne we dont konw each other in person..then we decided to just stop talking to each other, cuz it just wasnt healthy anymore, chatting is supposed to be fun, but it just wanst anymore, things were starting to get serious..so we said our goodbyez.. and it was really hard, cuz this guy was like.. wehn i was bored and i talked to him he would make me laugh so hard...and he was so much fun...but it was for the best.. i deleted him from my list and he did the same.. but we agreed to at least e-mail each other once a month or something... i cant believe im actually feeling kinda sad because of this... i just realized how close i was to the dude... SORRY IF I BORED U I JUST HAD TO WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE...

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I know how you feel but I happen to be dating the guy that I met online, we met and person and we just clicked...I've never met anybody like him...even though he is 5 years older than me we didn't care, I wouldn't call it an obsession but we're very much in love.

The point of what I'm trying to get as is depending on the age of you and this guy you could always patch up the friendship if you so desired. If you really are missing him tha tmuch give it time and maybe you can stay just "cyber friends".

But I don't really blame you for cutting off connection. I was scared when I first met Alan, he was 20 and I'm 15. I was afraid to get hurt emotionally by this person...or maybe even physically, but I pushed those fears aside and met him. I learnt from then on that he wasn't going to hurt me...and now my parents are finally starting to accept him.

Er...before I ramble again...I just want you to know the relationship you had with this person isn't strange...but if it wasn't healthy then I'm proud that both of you had the courage to move on. If you're missing him maybe you should go out and do something with your friends that live by you? I always found that as a way to get things off my mind...But, later when you're older or more ready perhaps you could start over again with him.


If you need an ear, I'm here.


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sorry i can't completely relate because i never talk to a guy online long enough to build that big of a bond. but i did have a guy friend who started dating this girl...i think in Kentucky....she sent him her pic and every thing and he was so happy about it. and after a while they broke up he never said why....so....yeah i couldn't really help you. but i can say don't get into relation ships ofer e-mail, long distance relationships are not usually worth the trouble. one of them ends up finding someone else anyways.

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it wasnt really a "relationship" like i love you blah blah, we were kind of best friends.., he would tell me if he liked someone, like he was telling me about a girl he met, and i was really happy for him, i mean its not like i was jealous, i was actually glad he had found someone . But then he started with the calling him thing, and then he was the one that said we should stop chatting.. i told him we could just chat like w/e, cuz i do consider him to be a good friend of mine, but he just didnt feel confortable about that anymore, so.. i couldnt just force him to be my friend, if he was going to feel weird about it..

then i thougth to myself, how he might be right, and we just decided it was the best thing to do...i still feel sad that i wont be able to count on him when i need help in something, since to me he was like one of my best friends...

I guess i just have to let it go...

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out of curiosity has he ever heard your voice? you say you just showed him a picture, well its really easy too fake a picture. I could give ya a picture of Leonardo DeCaprio and say thats me.. or maybe he was just making sure you were a woman. i'd hate too have feelings for someone not see them or hear their voice and find out it was a guy on the other side of the keyboard.


just an idea


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