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sorry if this is kinda long but i need advice...


ok, me and this girl have been gd friends for almost a year now, she has been and is still in a relationship but the problem is that her and the guy she's with dont really get to see each other at all because of some family issues, but they usually talk on the phone.


Well anyways i can sense that she's getting tired of being in that relationship because they almost never get to see each other while on the other hand me and her hang out as much as we can. So, last night we were jus hangin out at her house watchin movies, cuddling on the couch and what not and she starts tellin me how she thinks her relationship with her current boyfriend isn't going anywhere because they dont get to see each other at all. She's known me and that guy for about the same amount of time and i think she feels about the same about each of us


We kept talkin and her and i made it very clear to each other that we were equally attracted to each other. I knew she wanted me to kiss her and i wanted to very much, but i dont want to lose this friendship that we currently have. And i think things might change if we take it any further so i sort of stopped myself


do you guys think this is a good idea and shud carry on with it, or jus stop it from goin any further to at least save our friendship?

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There is so much to be gained should a relationship with a good friend sucessfully develop in a romantic capacity. OFcourse that's a generalization and most people say the odds are you'll eventually lose your friend. I believe there would be too much to be gained not to take that chance. If you are both sufficently mmature indivicuals, you could probably go back to being 'just friends' if things don't work out. The existing understanding you have of each other would certainly be an incredible asset.


"Fortune favors the bold."

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