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Guys - Which Do You Prefer?

Woman's Height - tall or short?  

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  1. 1. Woman's Height - tall or short?

    • Short (5' - 5'5)
    • Medium (5'5 - 5'7)
    • Tall (5'7 - 5'9)
    • Very Tall (6 Feet +)

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Hola males!


I have a poll to add here, but comments/ opinions are very welcome!


I've been wondering - do you prefer shorter women or tall women (not taller than you though)?


I'm, 5'9 and in a relationship with a guy who is about 6'2, so it's obviously not a problem for him. However, I've always found men to be somewhat intimidated by my height, even though I'm proportional and stay in good shape. It's never guys who are over 6 feet, but mainly men who are around my height or an inch shorter.


What do you think guys?

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I am in the short category (5'4")


I am not a guy, but wanted to respond anyway, as I am also curious.


Actually, I like my height, and have never had an issue with guys...though sometimes I feel a bit weird with a really tall guy, a lot of guys I have met like smaller frames/petite girls so it does not seem to matter what my height is in general from my experience....I am proportional so it works out fine.


The men I have been in long term relationships with have ranged from 5'6" to 6'. However, I am open to taller even - in fact, I have a date tomorrow morning/afternoon with a guy who is one foot taller than me exactly! Generally though, I don't go much for the shorter guys, but I have dated them and it was fine, just I hate to be taller in heels..lol.


For the record, my mother is 5'10", as was my father, and my grandparents were taller. My brother is 6'2"...my sister and I are both the same height as each other. Not sure where we got our genes from!


Honestly though if you hit it off, I don't think it matters.While I like having guys who are not too tall so I can kiss them easier..lol, there is something sexually attractive about someone tall...maybe it is a sublimal "making me feel safe" thing. There is perks to both!

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My wife and I are about the same height. And in some sort of strange "what would be better way", I would have perfered someone a little shorter. But really it doesn't matter much.


The only time it makes much difference is when we dance. A couple waltzing just looks better if the man is about 4 inches taller. So, when we dance, I wear cowboy boots (I get about an inch and a half out of them) and she wears low heals. She can't waltz in heals anyway and we would never be the best looking couple on the floor.


(For any guys reading this, I highly advise taking dancing lessons with your wife/girlfriend. She appreciates it, its good exercise, and for once she has to let you lead.)

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a lot of guys I have met like smaller frames/petite girls so it does not seem to matter what my height is in general from my experience....I am proportional so it works out fine.


There's nothing wrong with being 5'4 RayKay, I've often wondered myself what it would be like to be shorter.

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I'm 5'9" and my boyfriend is just a tad taller than me (probably 5'10") and he seems to be intimidated by it sometimes & actually told me that he wishes I were a bit shorter. My belief is that it doesn't matter how tall the girl is, it's just relative to how tall the guy is -- most guys would prefer being taller than their girlfriend. It's just a bit awkward when we go out clubbing b/c I want to wear heels but then he feels insecure & asks me to wear flats (so I'll put on a pair of stylish sandals and it's ok.) But I think a guy who's 6'0" wouldn't, or shouldn't have a problem with a girl who's 5'9". It depends a lot on teh guy's height..that's my theory anyways

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I've often heard how taller girls complain that guys only like the petite ones. If this were true, we'd never find a woman like Rebecca Romijn (sp?) hot (or any other supermodel for that matter). I think most guys just like girls that have good proportions in terms of physical attributes. Also, often times the taller girls tend to be self-conscious of their heighth and actually slouch a lot. This makes their posture horrible and also very unattractive (girls, guys take notice when you stand up straight and look good... same thing that girls think of when they see a guy with good posture). This is the same problem that girls with larger breasts often have too -- they bend their shoulders in to hide their chest and it gives them back pain as well as bad posture (my ex-gf suffered from this as she had D-cups).


For me, in general, I like girls that are around 5'7" as it makes it easier to kiss them, and since I am a taller guy with large shoulders (6'1", 235) I look like a giant over petite women.

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Well, I'm only 5'5. Though I am attracted to taller women, I've dated mostly women who are my height or shorter. I have dated a couple who were an inch or so taller than me, though. I'd have no problem dating a tall woman (6'0 or up), but they rarely ever go for the shorter guys which is understandable.


I can imagine that it is kinda hard to feel safe if you have to look down in your man's eyes.

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hey well i am 5ft. I am in the marching band and all the guys tease me.im the shortne in the marching band. Im easy to spot on the field. Well i just know that most guys like shorter girls, even if their not too tall themselves. I mean they all lean on my all the time. Exspecially my trumpet friends.

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I've often heard how taller girls complain that guys only like the petite ones.


Well, mine wasn't so much of a complaint, but more of a query. I have certain preferences when it comes to physical features that I like in a male, so of course there are certain ones that most males will have as well.


Great replies!

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For some reason im attracted to girls that are taller than me. I dont know why. It seems like they are a "catch". like im going out with a celeberty or somthing. I feel like the guy on rocky and bullwinkle.


But reading this post, I can see how kissing, dancing, feeling secure etc. can become a problem. Sucks for me not being tall. BUT if shes ok with it, then Im all for it!

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i am a girl... but i deffinately prefer the guy to be at least an inch or two taller than me... im kind of odd like this... but i wouldnt go out with a guy shorter than me... it would feel odd i dont care what othe people think, it just my opinion. im medium (5'6 almost 5'7) and i would like to get maybe and inch or 2 taller, but then the guys might be shorter than me... hehehe im shallow but dont get me wrong I WONT GO OUT WITH A BAD PERSONALITY the personality means more to me than the height now that i think about it

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Bummer. Puts me at the other end of the bell curve now doesn't it. I'm 6'1" and proportionate. I'd call it an hour glass figure.... teeny waist line. And yes.. I do wear heels. A saucy little black dress doesn't look very sexy in flats now does it? LOL.


Used to have a problem with my height when I was younger. And have since grown into my own skin. Have dated guys from 5'6" to 6'8" tall...

not many tall ones though. Whats up with that????


For a woman... I think men are intimidated by my height. But hey.. there's not much I can do about it. Thats the way god has chosen to fashion me. Ohhh well...

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