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Okay, I have known this guy, Joey, for two years. I've liked him since the minute I met him. He has liked me too. I was involved with someone else at the time, but after I got out of that relationship me and Joey had become really good friends during that time. So, he never asked me out because he didn't think I liked him and didn't want to get rejected. I started going out with someone else again. This pattern repeated three more times. During that time, me and Joey have become practically best friends and we are very open about him liking me and I explained to him that we are just too good of friends to start "going out" because I wouldn't want to ruin that friendship if we ever broke up. That is only really part of the reason though. I tend to break guy's hearts. I don't want Joey to be a statistic on the chart of Jessica's heartbreaks. It's like I care about him so much that I don't want to get together with him for fear of breaking his heart. Now recently, he started liking this other girl "Katie" and I'm am insanely jealous. I broke up with my boyfriend just two days before Joey asked Katie out. I'm not used to him having a girlfriend and me being single. It's like it intesifies my feelings for him now that he is with someone else. It's driving me crazy and I don't know what to do. This is something that is really good for him and I'm happy that he is happy because he has a girlfriend. I wouldn't want to break them up or anything. He still doesn't even know that I have feelings like that for him because I have beein lying about it for so long so that way I don't break his heart. It's like I break his heart by not being with him, but I would hurt him far worse if I went out with him and broke up with him later.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking or why I am writing this...It's just that I need someone to talk to about it, but I can't tell anyone or else Joey will find out...I'm just afraid that I'll be too late now because by the time he will break up with Katie, he will be over me and I'd have lost my chance...

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girl ... you are confused ...do u love , want him as a boyfriend ?

if you have strong feelings for him and really want him then go after him and get him ... fear never does any good , it only make u miss out good opportunities.

And it 's not because your previous relationships didn't work out that it means that this one is doomed to fail.

If you do not truthfully , sincerley want him and love him , let him be ... 0X , and if he is banging another chick , so what .. ? you had your share of fun .... 8)

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jealousy doesn't translate into love.


I have a lot of guy friends, and when they do get girlfriends I always get jealoused. =/ ALWAYS. It's just because I'm not used to seeing them caring about other girls more than they care about me. Simple selfishness. =/ Usually, at times like this I lay back and tell myself, "DUH, she's his girlfriend! Of course he's nicer to her!"


=/ Maybe you should try and identify if you're just jealoused because you're not used to it, or jealoused because you can't stand him liking someone else... or jealoused because you actually like him as someone you want as a boyfriend. =/

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