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My ex/gf and I haven't spoken in about a month after about five months of a drawn out on and off breakup. She kept drawing me back and pushing me away until finally she stopped returning my phone calls about a month ago. She just didnt know what she wanted and was tossing me all over the place. This has been good for me and I have been reasonably able to get over her. I am very busy and dont even have time to think about her. I am dating a few girls right now but not seriously.


Last night she called me at about 2:45 am. This is the second time in a week she has called late at night. The first time I didnt answer and she left no message and the second time, (last night) she left a message. She was just saying how she knew we hadnt spoken in a while and she just wanted to see if I was "Doing okay." She also said that she wasnt drunk the first time but she was last night. She wasnt trashed but I could tell. She said how she just wanted to see how I was doing and she still cares about and misses me.


Why does she keep coming back into my life? Every time I think she's gone, which I can deal with, she comes back only to leave again. I dont want her to think I am miserable without her because I am not. I am doing well. But I also don't think we should talk anymore. How do I let her know I am over her without having to show that she still controls me by my calling her back.(Whenever she wants a break she just stops retuning my calls). She has totally ruined my strong feelings for her by her actions, however I still love her. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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There are alot of us here who would just love to know how to deal with this kind of situation. Unfortunately, I don't think even one of us have any idea how to deal with it. I'd love to help, but I've had the same problem for the last year or so...so i'm afraid i'm just not qualified.


If anything though, I think they keep coming back because they realize that your doing better off without them. They don't like that very much. So they pop back in to say "Just wanted to make sure you're o.k". Just to mess with your head or something...who knows. I sure don't.


none the less, good luck.

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omg i know whatchu mean! im in that situation right now! just that he hasnt called in about a month cuz i told him i wished he died! lol.. i think they call back and everything cuz they somehow realize what they lost and know that we're not callin them so we must be so happy.. and they wanna be a part of our happines..

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