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Year & a half, he never made me come, but all I want is

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Hello everybody!

Right, I'd been going out with my boyfriend of a year and half until recently, roughly three weeks ago we broke up. He proved to be too immature for me and we just weren't right for each other (for background information search through all my long, boring and emotional posts).

Anyway, in that year and half, in bed, he never satisfied me. Every time he came round I would give him more than one orgasm, yet he never ever gave me one, and didn't really bother to try either.

I thought it was me, up to a point, and then my mother told me that if I can make myself come (which I can) then anyone else can too. Thus I realised there was nothing wrong with me and it was his responsibility.

Anyway, today, we were having a fairly friendly chat, yet there were hints of an argument behind everything we were saying.

Basically, the subject of sex came up and he asked me if he had given me an orgasm would we still be together? Well, I told him that in the relationship we had, everything was so one sided, he was getting everything (and not just sex) that I didn't get back, he never phoned me, it was always me phoning him, he didn't turn me on anymore, I never got any satisfaction from going to bed with him etc etc. Well, I know that sex isn't everything in a relationship, but I honestly believe that if you aren't getting the satisfaction out of it that the other person is, a relationship is NOT going to work. I told him so, and he huffed and puffed, making sure I knew he thought all I wanted was sex.

Then, five minutes later he said,

"Yeah, well, I don't have to go out with someone just so I can blow my load every time I see them."

I packed up my stuff, left the room, well, stormed out in anger, got out of the building and promptly burst into tears.

Well, he ran after me with red eyes and said,

"I'm sorry for that comment," and I said, "Well, I think it's about time you started thinking about others and not just yourself," held my head up high and walked off.

So...do you think how I reacted and what I said was the right thing to do? I really hate him for that comment and I never want to see him or talk to him again, but I would appreciate some advice.

Thank you in anticipation of your replies.



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Well, I certainly cannot blame you for finding his comment hurtful. That was pretty crude.


Also, being an older guy, I think men should pay more attantion to the woman's needs. My wife does not have an orgasm evertime we have sex, but I like sometimes to just concentrate on her. I actually enjoy her response. Also, I know that women have different responses.


But never in a year and a half? Did he never ask about it? Did it not bother him? If he really did not care about your pleasure at all, why did you stay with him?


Unless, you have some serious investment in this relationship you did not tell us about, I think you should go find someone who cares about you.


Just my thoughts.

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