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whys it have to be soo hard

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ok, to make this quick, theres this girl i like, and we usaully chit chat for a little bit in between our classes and at lunch. i really like her, but i dont htink shes interested in me, since, all we usually do is talk at school.

and since ive never really had a gf, and im always shy and nervous around girls, (blush alot too ) but, how can i find out wheter shes interested in me or not, and id really like to ask her out, but i just get too nervous since were usually with her friends. im also not the most attractive guy around (acne), which i think is half the reason im soo shy.

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Hey that's cool that you can talk to her. That's the first step! Most guys are too scared to even say hello to someone they like.


There's only two ways you can find out if she likes you... The first is to ask, but I wouldn't recommend doing that... not very smooth... the other way is to listen to your instincts... how does she act when she's around you?


It may be hard to ask her out but you're gonna have to pluck up the courage and jsut get it over with. Girls love getting asked out, so don't worry about getting turned down. If you get on well at school then she has no reason to say no. And if she does, don't worry, we all get turned down now and then, it doesn't mean you're ugly, or uncool, or whatever.


Only way to know is to ask

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I agree that the only way to know is to ask. Sure it seems very unsmooth and very risky, but at the end of the day, unless u ask her you can never be really totally sure.


I once really really liked a guy friend of mine, in fact I thought he was like "the one" for me etc, but he was such a nice guy to everyone, I didn't know if he was so nice to me coz he liked me or coz i was another one of his friends. So I plucked up the courage to confess how I felt. I found out that he never had any feelings for me. Sure enough I was devastated, heartbroken and so on and we're not the same kinda friends again, coz of the awkwardness.


A year later, I'm with another guy who I am totally in love with and feels the same for me. Had I not confessed and had my heart broken I would not have been able to move on and give my current bf a chance.


Whatever decision u make, you've gotta make the decision and stick with it. Burn all bridges, if u decide to confess, do it, if u dont decide to confess and decide shes not interested then believe it and move on.

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Yeah, there's this girl that is a good friend of mine that i really like, but i'm afriad if i want more than a friendship (i already do, but if i ask her out, or tell her how i feel) that it will make our friendship awkward if she doesn't feel the same way about me, and i really could use her as a friend at the least, so i'm afraid of telling her how i feel.

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