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I feel like its the end of the world


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I asked this girl out and she told me to call her on that day that I have planned for the date. I called her while she was working and left a message expecting her to return it on break or after work. She didnt call back, I called her after work, she answered said she was tired from the party last night, and she told me to call later tonight. I guess theres not going to be a date tonight and I got rejected. Should I just call her up to see how shes doing just as a friend lol. Maybe ask her why havent we hung out as much as we use too. Maybe ask her would she even give me a chance. I dont have a truck anyway, i wrecked it.


screw it, someone just post a poem for me saying its not the end of the world. i just wrecked my truck, almost died, got rejected by this girl i had a thing for. all. in. one. weekend. im sad. and it does feel like the end of the world for me.

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No, don't call her again. This is the same girl who wouldn't make a date with you in advance because she said "she likes to keep her plans open."


I commend you for giving her one more chance despite that ungracious reply to your invitation, but I strongly recommend that you don't give her another chance.


She doesn't seem that interested, and although the sting of rejection is a bit painful, it goes away pretty fast if we dust ourselves off and get back on the dating horse. But it's pointless to keep pursuing someone who isn't showing us much interest in return, when there are so many other people out there we could ask out instead.

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yes this is frustrating, i wanted to make this work with her. i cant seem to find no one else at my school. i feel bad that ive never been able to start a relationship before, it makes me feel like theres no one out there for me. guess ill just go back to the guy at work whos my friend mode again.


how do i make things better in my life? please help me. i dont have many friends to hang with, just the ones that go to church, my truck might get totalled, my insurance might go up where im not on it anymore, my dad is upset with me because i dont believe in god, im failing economics in school, im making a C in physics, my college apps are due in november, i guess i got rejected by the girl i have a thing for, i have an sat test this saturday and im thinking ill do average again, i no longer have the freedom of going where i want, i got drunk by myself last night, i feel unloved, i feel like this is the end of the world where so many hate. i want to make things go uphill again. please. someone. tell me how to do that.

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K after hearing what you just posted. I say you should focus on getting your life back on track instead of trying to work it with this girl.


I was in your shoes at one pt, believe me i was. its alot easier for you to stop chasing her, but instead spend your time maybe talking to her online, be funny and get her to be interested in you before you make your move.

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Try to forget her. She's not worth it. Does she know you were involved in a car accident? Did she even ask how you were? If she was a friend, she would at least be there for you.


I think you deserve better and don't worry that one got away, because there are plenty of fish in the ocean. You need to stop focusing on the negatives and focus on what direction you want your life to go.

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Antz makes a wonderful point: you have a lot of things going on in your life that you need to (and can!) deal with. Worrying about your dating life is just adding extra anxiety that you don't need right now. You're 17 - I really didn't get my first boyfriend until I was 18. So don't worry about that.


What are the most pressing issues right now? Studying for the SATs. Is there any way you can take the test at a later date? If not, just accept that you have to take it in a week, and start preparing for it. Talk to your economics teacher. Explain the areas that are difficult for you and ask for help! Don't be frustrated, just be open to getting help.


The car thing...well, my friend, it may not be the first time you have an accident and just be thankful no one was hurt. Take the bus, ride your bike and enjoy the fresh air and exercise. That problem will resolve itself eventually.


The key thing to do is realize what are the most pressing problems, and objectively look at the possible solutions. What you can't fix right away, just accept and work on the things you can.

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im filling out college apps at this moment. im going to wing the sat again. everyone fails the economics at first because the teacher makes them. i run outside by the lake like everyday... i see her at work always, should i still go on breaks with her? i want to still be a friend. she was a smoker anyway, but it was a fault i could deal with.

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Absolutely be friendly with her, but don't push the issue. Again, stop worrying about the girl right now! You have other more pressing issues that need to be attended to. Focus on yourself, take care of yourself, etc. This is very important.

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From what I read, I think you are just a late bloomer, being 17 and never dating anyone. I seen a lot of late bloomers have an awesome time in college to make up for their lackluster time in high school. When I was 18 I totaled my car...took her off a 15 ft cliff. I was like the Dukes of Hazzard! Only I didn't land ok. I was more like Roscoe and Enis then the Dukes. Point is I survived and you will survive too. All this builds character. As for the god thing...I agree with you, screw it believe what you got to believe. Just make sure you believe in something.



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im going to this college thing tonight yea, and she left a message for me that said, "ill be at that college thing tomorrow. the one at the lonestar convention center? yep im going. later babe" should i do a friendly call up when im there and tell her to come to soandso college now, its the best. and she'll see me there at the booth.

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If you don't think you are special...how can you expect anyone else too????


You have so much going for you!!!! WAKE UP!!!! TAKE CONTROL!!. Nobody can make or break you ....except you. If you expect to fail...you will.


Make your SAT's a prioirity! This will give you the self esteem you need. I gaurantee you if you take a strong stance on bettering yourself this chic will mean nothing to you.


I have been in and out of bad relationships a few times... I know what I preach. It ain't gonna get better unless you think you are the BOMB!! and you know what YOU ARE... Want to know why....there is nobody in this world better than you....there is only one you......so how can anybody compete?? Nobody and I mean Nobody can be you. Make your mark!!!!!


Set the stage for your life...and you will be the STAR!

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