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Need some opinions on this.......

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The other day i was home and VERY bored so i decided to signup on that match dot com site that im sure many of you are familiar with. As im scrolling down the lists of chics in my area...some cute, some huge.....I notice a familiar face. I go into the profile and enlarge the pics she provided and I then realize that it is this chic Meaghan that i went to high school and graduated with in 1996.


Heres a little background info. about me and her. Ive known her since 1992 when we were both freshman in HS, we were friends...thats it, nothing more. About a year and a half after high school ended we wound up making out somehow after going to a movie. ...i pretty much came out of the blue when i asked her out then. Anyways, nothing ever really materialized of it because we were both away at school and what not at the time. After that semester ended i wound up coming back home to live after performing poorly at college. I ended up meeting someone soon after coming home from school and stayed with that girl for almost FOUR years, i have been single almost 2 years now.


Ok back on topic....i saw her on the internet dating site and i dediced to make a move.


I am not a paying member at that dating site, so contacting her that way wasnt feasible so i asked my housemate what to do.....he told me to call her. Problem is i havent seen her in years and didnt know the number nor do i know anyone that would have her number....so i referred to the phone book and found it. I called. Answering machine.


To my standards, i left a very good message saying i saw her on that site and had to give her a call, yada yada yada. I left my phone number in the message as well. 2 days pass. Phone call. Meaghan. We talk on the phone for a good hour. She kept telling me how good it was for someone to have the bravery to come so "out of the blue to call me like that". It was a very good convo, catching up on what has gone on in each others lives' for the last 6 years. Since the last time we had our little "hookup" we have both been in a 3+ year live-in relationship, we have both been through alot of crap in that time span its not even funny. Then my drunken friends come out of the bar and beckon me to get in the cab, i casually end the convo...she says im babysitting tomorrow, so i wont be able to talk to you....call me during the week. Hm.


I dunno its all kinda weird and i dunno what to make about it, i hope that i provided enough info so that some of you can give me good opinions on this

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40 views and no comments, lol.


Nice forum.


Can't speak for anyone else, but I don't post on anything I don't have some sort of personal experience with. Sometimes it takes reading the entire post to know I don't have any contributions to make. Also, there are a very wide range of ages in the membership here, which means varying experience levels with relationships and life in general.


Anyway, if I was in your position, I would just look at any potential meeting with her as just catching up with an old friend -for now. So far it seems things are positive on both sides, so I'd go ahead and follow up with a call and maybe set up a meeting. I'd keep it something neutral at first...lunch or coffee...just to see how the interaction in person goes. If there's still some chemistry there, great...if not, catching up with old friends is an enjoyable way to spend time, so either way you win.

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Well we went out to din-din tonight and had a few drinks, we met up kinda early because she had to be up early for work tomm...so anyways. I picked her up, I was so impressed with the decor of her place....she lives alone with her cat...alot of home improvement TLC/Discovery shows i guess.


She looked gorgeous and we clicked immediately.....she is DEFINITELY into me, she threw me alot of hints to make me believe so...as in a small peck on the lips goodbye, lol. Shes calling me tomorrow and were hanging out again on Friday night.


Looks like i might have something here, when i least expected it again. heh. Ill update this as time goes on, feel free to leave comments.

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Well after a week of us being busy and what not we hung out again last night for our 2nd date. Again it went really good, were going on our 3rd date either tonight or tomorrow.


We definitely click and have a physical attraction to each other....we seem to not have a problem finding something to talk about. Overall, i like this girl and could picture myself in a relationship w/ her one day in the future.


Anyways, maybe a mod can move this to the appropriate forum for me so others can read this. I dont think it really fits in attraction/flirting anymore.

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I just thought that i would update this after 2 weeks from my last posting here....


We have been pretty much hanging out(dinner, movies, sleeping over ) every 3 days or so, we are very much into each other and i am finally a happy guy again. After my relationship with my ex-g/f of 4 years together i didnt think it was possible to be compatible with anyone again like that.....boy was i wrong. I have truly found someone i cant get enough of......


So if anyone is thinking of making a move on someone you didnt think was possible, read this thread. Pretty crazy that 8 years after high school you can actually start something with someone that you knew and hung out with durng those years.


Ill keep this updated every couple weeks or so.

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