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Feeling really down about everything with my ex girlfriend..

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Hi, i first want to say thank you to anyone who does reply to this.


Well its a long story but here i go anyway, Me and my girlfriend were going out for around 9 months, and i love her very much. Around 4 months ago was when it all started to go wrong, her mum was told that she would be dying very soon, I went to see my girlfriend everyday to comfort her and also to see her mum who i knew very well.

These days that i did go to see her we talked about alot of things and she asked me one thing and that was to: 'Always be there for her no matter what, even if she changes...' I agreed not thinking about how it really would be in the future. She said to me everyday that she loved me and really wouldnt want to loose me no matter what.

After her mum died, i still saw her quite often and things just started to change in our relationship, like she wouldnt hug me. nor kiss me, and everytime i went to give her one she sorta pushed me away and everytime i asked her to talk about it she didnt want to, so i just left it at that.

After this i didnt get to see her as often but i still thought about her alot and still rang her and so on....but she became even more annoyed with me everytime i rang her, but when i asked her if i should go, she said no...At the end of september she had a two week holiday, which i thought would be really good for her but after the two weeks, she hated me even more and just after we started college she invited me round her house and said she wanted to end things, i was very upset but agreed it may be for the best...She also gave me all this crap about how she wanted to be friends and how friends last forever, i agreed to be friends, she went straight up to her room after and gave me all my clothes that i left there except one jumper that she wanted to keep, for sum strange reason....

Now as we have to see eachother everyday at college as we are in the same groups i try to tlk to her n so on but ever since i asked her to come back to me about a week ago she has just basically blanked me, and has started flirting with another boy right in front of me which really does hurt alot.


I know that we will never go out again, but will she ever want to tlk to me again, i have to see her everyday and this really does hurt...Does she really hate me???? What should i do when i do see her, try talking to her?? dont say nothing??

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what did u do for her to hate u, u have been there for her when she really needed u , and how could she hate someone for that?


she's probably flirting in front of u either to purposely hurt u (cos u said she hates u,but i wonder how could that be) or to distance her from yourself.


if i were u , i would rather not make an effort to go and talk to her and get turned down, and feel like crap later because of it. I know i have done the same , and it felt real bad being in that situation nearly the same as yours. Its hard not to try and talk to her, coz ur mind keeps thinking that maybe things will turn out for the better... but it didnt happen to me,in fact my situation became worse.


You should just let things cool down first, and concentrate on making yourself feel better... since u know that there's no chance left, stop trying to do anything that will hurt u again. Try real hard to recover...it wont be easy cos u see her everyday, but if u dont try, u will never get out of it. good luck

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