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  1. I was actually worried about an article I read about implantation bleeding. Her period came early, which was the 14th day after we fooled around. As highly unlikely as it is, I still think about this often. I worry easily. So is there a chance?
  2. I quoted myself from another thread. She had her period a couple of days ago. It was the 17/18th day since her last time. Is it safe to say there's nothing to be worried about now? Sorry if this is a silly question. I would also want to know why is her period so soon? Is this normal?
  3. I thought I liked her quite a lot. Went through a lot just to be with her. I'll just skip that part and get on with the question. I've been with her for only over a month. I was really happy at the beginning, but I think my feelings for her are starting to fade. Everything seems like a routine now. Wake up, traffic jam, classes, club activities, and then off to spend time with the gf. I dont get much sleep these days, not to mention time to do my own stuff. Major exams in May, and Im not even prepared. Im not sure if I really like her like how I used to, and I know that she likes me quite a great deal. Things are just starting and Im feeling this way already. This isnt a good sign, right? The thing is I dont think that a gf is what I should have now. I would still feel heartbroken if I do break up with her, but I dont think I like her as much as she likes me to continue being with her. She's a very nice girl, and I dont want to hurt her feelings. I dont know how to go about this now. Valentine's is around the corner, and I dont want to ruin it for her. If its possible, I would still want to care for her, but probably not as a bf. I dont see me and her going far in our relationship. Right now Im hanging on to see if I could make this work... I feel close to her, and I dont want to lose her as a friend if we ever break up. What should I do/say?
  4. I've been reading about pre-cum, and it seems that certain info conflicts with each other. I've read some that said pre-cum only contains sperm right after ejaculation, sperm isnt present after urinating as it flushes them out. I've also read that pre-cum contains sperm if the person ejaculated during the last 3 days. Unless the person didnt urinate for the past three days (which is of course almost impossible), then which one of them is true? I've even read that recent studies that has yet to be confirmed shows that pre-cum contains no sperm. Is there a chance of pregnancy from body rubbing with clothing/underwear on while being wet? Pre-cum outside the vagina, risky? Thats about it I guess, just wanted to clear some things up. Thanks
  5. I havent been here for a long time, and Im confused. When I was 16 I broke up with my gf. Heartbroken, etc etc. I thought i dealt with it well. Loved sports, just kept doing it to get her off my mind. Im into guitars now, but thats not the point. It seems like I had/have to always occupy myself with something to not feel sad or down. I used to run at night, in the rain...just whenever I felt really down to momentarily snap out of it for a couple of hours. I just kept doing it, it sort of became an obsession. If I dont occupy myself , I feel down again. That was 2 1/2 years ago. Up to this day, I still have that feeling. I had another gf, didnt feel anything aside from the initial infatuation. She went out with another guy while i was taking my exams. Didnt really care, somehow i just keep thinking abt the previous one. Now I know what's wrong with me (or what isnt). I know that there's nothing to be down about, but I cant seem to snap out of feeling sad whenever Im not doing anything, or when Im not surrounded by people...like right now. I have been experiencing this for a long time and I feel like its already a part of me. I remember being a happy person. I have no idea as to why Im feeling this way all the time. Maybe it isnt about the girl at all. I just dont understand what is wrong with me. Im not experiencing a hard time in my life right now, and I dont think that a normal person should be experiencing what I am. I just cant seem to control my emotions, eventhough I know that I shouldnt be feeling this way. Help?
  6. winkybear

    Help me

    So i guess i shouldnt be worried about it? Are there any facts that i need to know so that i wont worry so much now or in the future?
  7. winkybear

    Help me

    I dont know where this topic should be. Basically, i get paranoid easily eventhough im 100% sure that pregnancy wouldnt occur. This happens even with my previous gf. I often get worried that the worst will happen, and it messes with my mind. I cant concentrate on other things. My present gf and me havent had sex, but we already had oral and things like that. A few days ago, she was giving me a handjob and a spurt ended up on her tummy. I was laying down, and she was close to me, on top of me, just not touching each other. She got up, washed her hands with soap, and got tissue paper to wipe her tummy (I helped too). Im SURE that nth dripped down towards her vagina, and its very unlikely to reach there even if it does. Plus, her period just ended around 2-3 days ago. Im still worried? Im having a major exam in two weeks, and i got to get this out of my mind to concentrate in my studies. Should I be worried? Is there a problem with me? Thx.
  8. If i masturbate 2 hours before and fingered my gf after that? And also if my hand touches her hand (her hand had contact with my penis before that) and then i proceed to finger her? Im pretty positive we didnt touch hands... but im paranoid about these things. Thx.
  9. about the masturbating thing, a lot of girls dont masturbate. So maybe you're just not comfortable doing it by yourself? And about not enjoying it around ur clit, everyone has their favourite spot.. their personal preference. Some ppl might like something else, some dont.
  10. pandorasbox, she's 14. Like the other poster said try making the first move or show that you are interested. He wouldnt wanna continue flirting with other ppl if he has u .
  11. Hey mar1a. U might wanna create a new thread to get more replies to ur post. Im almost your age too, and sometimes i do feel the same. Just try finding a couple of friends who has the same interests. Ppl u feel u can click with. I have a couple of friends whom i spend time the most with. The rest are just the faces i meet in school. Try making the effort of calling them out somewhere, or organize something to do.
  12. it sucks further when i find out she's been seeing this other guy, and flirts around with other ppl too, when she was the one who told me that she loved me and gave me all sorts of promises. I know that time will heal. Its just that being the sad and pathetic guy at the side isnt really something good to look at. I just wanna get out of it soon. Too bad i cant. Its hurting a lot. Thanks anyway...
  13. Its been half a year now, and she's still constantly on my mind. Its kinda obvious that she's already over me and flirting around. Its just me, and it sucks when i see her with other guys. Maybe she knows that it would hurt me, maybe she doesnt. (Told my good friend about my feelings, and basically that person told everyone else) It makes me the loser to just be stuck with these feelings while she's all out which makes me cant get over her even more. I tried everything. Divert my attention to sports, music. I still cant. Its not that i can avoid her altogether, she's in my class. I was recently at a basketball tourney and i was bored waiting for our turn and just played around with one of the teammate's phone. Saw loads of her pics inside. He didnt realised that i was looking though. When he did he looked furious. Like those pics were his valuable possesion. Luckily he's a benchwarmer though. Dont have to see him on the court. When i looked at her pics it made me feel real sad again. I dont know what is wrong with me. I tried everything. I dont wanna be the loser. Ignorance doesnt hide what im feeling anymore. I dont know what is wrong with me. Its been too long. I hate this feeling. I still get sad dreams about her. Its getting to the point where im fed up and cant handle it anymore.
  14. winkybear


    Most of the time it just tastes like sweat. Well..because it would be sweaty. Sometimes it would smell or taster different. Different time of the month
  15. Maybe he has some things that he has to do. Maybe he has some things that he didnt tell u. Try talking and show some care about him when asking. He might have some problems which he needs to deal with first?
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