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Hot and cold texting


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Basically met a girl..we started texting..she was texting me ALOT (You know..the 'kind' that goes paranoid if you dont text back instantly and constantly asks the same question...what you up to?!--which drives me insane). She had been ill recently and rushed into hospital a few times (maybe why she feels the need to text so much? Just to pass the time?), and said a few times that 'I should come visit'. (I dont know her that well though..is that weird?). Also lately she's made a point of her wanting 'a nice new boyfriend', and that if I turned up at her door (as her 'nice new bf') she would be very happy...(Also strange? given I have only known her for around 2 weeks??).


To be honest I cant stand texting all the time with the same old conversations, I am more of a 'stop texting, lets just meet' kinda guy! So yeah..she seemed keen (very!)..constantly posting stuff on my FB, texting alot, asking for 'cuddles' etc. Then, out of the blue, in the last 2 days..nothing from her, almost as though she has got bored in the blink of an eye. It doesnt bother me in a major way due to me not knowing her all that well..But is this what all females are like lol? Quite full on one day, then nothing/not much the next?

She has gone from texting me every minute of every day (very full on)...to lately not communicating at all really. Is this normal female behaviour? Why so hot & cold? ...Is she a boomerang?

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When you say 'met a girl'.... Have you actually face to face met her yet?


Have you initiated any contact with her?

Maybe she's backed off to see if you are interested enough to text her?

Maybe she's been taken ill again and texting is the last thing on her mind?


Maybe the best way for you to initiate contact again would be to phone her rather than texting, that way you can do the 'I'm not really much of a texter' talk without seeming hypocritical. Be straight with her, tell her you'd rather talk/fb chat or whatever. And suggest meeting up when she is well enough!

If you don't ask you'll never know!

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Well..im gonna be honest, no, not face-to-face, not yet anyway. She has been on my FB for a while, and randomly talked to me on chat one day...she constantly initiated contact on there..y'know..'Hey how are you, Hey how are you etc' like every time I was online (which I found abit strange since I didnt know her really). Then one night I started making an effort to talk to her (small-talk), we got talking and she then asked me for my number, so I gave her it. Ever since then, she has initiated the texting ever since really (alot), I have never really initiated contact to be honest, she says how she is looking for a nice guy who wants to spend time with her and not mess her about etc, and how she wants 'snuggles' (freaked me out aswell!). Like I have said, I get frustrated texting all the time, I just want to text less and meet to gauge how we get along, but with her being ill, she couldnt leave her house, she had to rest. (pneumonia.) She is fine now though I think. So lastnight we were texting alot, then all of a sudden after around 11pm, nothing. Then earlier today she said 'she fell asleep'..Should I initiate the texting/contact abit more show her I am interested? And she has said I should come out Friday and see/meet her, but with no texts from her I dunno anymore....Just gets me how someone can be quite full-on, then nothing at all...

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I think you should initiate, if you don't like texting, then call her instead. As I said, it's possible that she backed off as she might be unsure whether you're interested if you have never really initiated. I know I would eventually get fed up if it seemed all the effort was one sided.


If she's suggested a meet up.... Thats what you wanted so get in touch and tell her that you would like to meet up with her Friday.

But I urge you to be honest, if you feel she's going too fast then tell her... If its just the way she is and it 'freaks you out' then you may not be compatible anyway so be straight with her. Also tell her that you're not big on texting, you'd rather speak to her on the phone or whatever, otherwise I can imagine you'll get fed up of it eventually (I'm not a big texter myself) and it will hopefully ease her insecurities if you don't tecxt her back straight away. If you want to take this further, communication is key so you both know where you stand.

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I'd leave this one alone. She seems very emotionally immature to me and needy/clingy. I'd leave this one really..doesnt feel right. Maybe you have simply gotten used to her attention avalanche and now missing it in a weird way. But i'd just not respond to her anymore or set her straight (best thing to do anyway)


Unless you are attracted to that kind of behaviour ofcourse. But I could see this one being a rather clingy girlfriend,

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I bet it's an automated text bot. They create these things just to screw with you.


It fits.. the same questions over and over, the frequency, the lack of a meeting.\


You have been had.


This made me laugh so loud..and I was feeling a bit sad REALLY..has our world amounted to this crazy shizz..seriously??. Internet is getting crazier by the minute if this is true,...

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I'd leave it alone too. My last gf was very clingy in the very early stages of courting and sent me roughly 30-40 texts a day. She's update me about her day constantly and ask about mine. I didn't realize it was a trap. She just wanted to know what I was doing and make sure that I wasnt with another woman. Control freak.

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