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Is this a platonic relationship or is there something going on?


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I met this guy in May and we hung out a few times, like movies, dinner, and we even went clubbing with each other. Sometimes actually most of the time, we act like a couple. We always argue and fight a lot like a couple. My friends have asked me what's going on between you two and one of them said you and him have a very interesting relationship and I agree. At times, I hate his guys to a point where I would hit him and get mad at him because he talks and acts like an a-hole. My friends said he was messed up when he didn't protect me when a guy was hitting on me and stood there and laughed at me. I thought that when he drinks he turns into an a-hole, but it turns out it's in genes. I got mad at him when he kept bashing on my football team and I have never said one word about his team and I got furious because he will not stop talking trash about them. One time, I had to defriend him on facebook because he said that I should have been hit by that car (which he meant it as a joke, but it was not funny because my life was at risk). Each time I get mad at him, he would treat me to the movies... and pay for everything. Also I asked him for a ride to the club and he said no and said I should take the bus..... IS he an a-hole or what? It's not funny talking to girls this way. He is cocky and an a-hole. I don;t usually associate well with these people or get along with them and usually would blow up on them and can be blunt when I am fed up with them. So I wonder why why am I still talking to him and still his friend, but we are like really good buddies despite the fact that he is an a$$ to me... We ask for each other advice and hang out with each other, laugh/poke at each other, and tease each other talk about random things.


He drunk called me everyday when he went on a trip to Boston. He said he missed me and loves me when he was drunk and told me not to miss him too much and don't cry. Is he mistaking for me for someone else because when he's drunk he usually calls his ex, but recently he been calling me when he's drunk. He told his friends about me and says how I am his best friend, but that was when he was drunk too. Though he had called me when he was sober and when he was bored. We talked on the phone for 50 mins today because he was stuck in traffic. I usually talk to him about my family problems because he seems like the only who understands how I feel since he also has the same issue with his, so its easy for me to talk to him since we both can relate to it. He is a good listener too and I can talk to him about anything.


Last saturday, we went clubbing. he was drunk and I was buzzed which isn't a good combination since he was an a$$ and I was hyper. I was clinging on to him the whole time because he was protecting me from a guy I like, but He just told me to stay close to him and I should be fine. He sat in the back seat with me when we got back to our friend's car. I took his camera and phone and accidentally dropped it under the passenger seat and he kept asking for his phone back but I couldn't find it since it was dark. So he tickled and attacked me, and wrapped me in his arm and continued to torture me. Our friend asked us what;s going on back there. he probably thought it was a strange behavior which it is.... I laid on his lap and he laid on my side... lol


Last thursday I got mad at him because he said we will watch a movie, but he doesnt know how to check the show time, and so we couldn't watch it that day. How can you not know how to check the show time? -.- Anyways, he called me at work and said he will pick me up at work to watch the movie. The driving distance is about an hour (our friend [a guy] wanted to watch with us too) and he paid for the movies too.


hmm... I just don't know if this is a platonic relationship or is there something more. I agree with my friends we do act like a couple because we be bickering all the time. This reminds me of a drama I watched where a guy and a girl kept arguing and fighting but the guy ended up falling in love with her and they became a couple. Before I told myself that I won't fall for him and I hated him, but it gives me the creep when I think about him sometimes!!! I'm not asking whether he likes me or not or saying he likes me or vice versa, but do platonic friends act this way? bickering all the time like a couple? I sort think there's something going on, but i cannot discover my true feelings or what I am feeling inside lol... -.-


PS: He told me he likes young girls, I don't know why but maybe because they are easy and immature. (I am his age) But anyways I hate him... -.-

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It sounds like there is an attraction on both sides, however, the behaviour could be mistaken for that of a couple of 13yr olds. I think if you were both honest with yourselves, were able to express yourselves honestly with each other and had mature boundaries, a relationship might happen. As it is, any type of relationship would be a disaster and could potentially degenerate into an abusive one.

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Well, I know what you guys mean... but I see it in dramas alot where a guy and a girl fight all the time, but then start falling in love with each other. NOt that I like him, but he just a good friend, but everytime he's drunk he always calls me. So I'm just wondering what's up with that.

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