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Is it OK to dance with someone else at a club if you're in a relationship?


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Having a debate with my friend...


I think when you are in a relationship, dancing at a club with other guys (girls) would not be appropriate (and I mean strangers...not friends). It would be different if people just danced and nothing was expected...but in majority of cases...people ask people they are interested in...and it usually leads to a phone number etc (not just one dance)...


If I saw my bf dancing at a club, I would be like what??!! Or am I wrong here? lol



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I think it depends on the couple. If your both ok and knows that it's going on than it's appropriate. If you do it without telling your partner; it's inappropriate. If your partner doesn't feel comfortable with it but you do it anyways; its inappropriate. I personally wouldn't condone my girl dancing with other guys at clubs.

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This makes me wonder what my boyfriend feels about it. I know he says he doesn't care and tells me to go have fun, but....he always tells me I should check in with him

every hour or whatever...I don't know if this is a sign he doesn't like it or if its just to make sure im "safe?"


Ive noticed that most of the time if I go, I will end up calling him before I go home or on my way home and he likes to meet me at my place...He hasn't done this

the very last time I went out but every time prior, he has...

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I'm married so here's my stance. No on slow dancing. I think that's just plain too intimate. As for provocative/grinding, I don't have a problem with it. For events like my birthday and bachelor party, myself and the boys went out to the strip club. My wife knows about it and it doesn't bug her. I get lap dances all the time (again, she knows this). I'm still coming to her at the end of the night and I'm not making out with the strippers. I don't have a problem if she does the same.

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this is an easy one...all you have to say to yourself is LADIES "I am perfectly fine with my BF grinding on another girl instead of me" MEN " I am perfectly fine with my GF grinding on another man"


Now if you can say this without any doubt , fear or jealousy in your heart then you are an alien....real talk


you have to ask yourself: why would my bf / gf want to dance with some else just because I am not there with them....1. thats shows no respect for you 2. shows no respect for the relationship 3. the one dancing will continue to treat the relationship like garbage with no regard for your feelings......

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It would be different if people just danced and nothing was expected.

And there ARE some people who just want to dance at clubs.


It all depends on the clubs and YOUR relationship boundaries on what is appropriate and acceptable. As long as relationship boundaries are being respected, partners should not be restricted access to clubs. I have gone to goth, underground, Salsa, and drum n' bass clubs... nothing sexual happens.


But dancing is getting pretty provocative these days!

Dirty Dancing has been around since the 1950's. It's always in question.

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