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Once A cheater always a Cheater*********


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My ex fiance dumped me 4 months ago and is happy with someone new, he dumped me no closure just left ! ive found out that he has a pattern of doing this in all his relationships... he jumps from relationship to relationships.. not healthy ! i also learned while being in a relationship he is out looking for women., i had a feeling deep inside me he was always doing things behind my back., so many signs.. he would always hide his cell phone, once i did get to his phone, and there were so many calls to many women.. Ive come to the conclusion hes a SOCIOPATH, ive been reading all the signs and he fits every sign.

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There are always going to be people out there who are serial offenders but that does not mean that there are not people out there that cannot change there ways. ounds like you were unlucky enough to meet a serial cheater. Just thank your stars you did not axctually marry the guy and don't waste any more time thinking about him.

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Sounds exactly like my ex... he's already seeing and sleeping with someone new after 5 years of us living together! It's been two months since he left. But all throughout summer I think there was something going on, he kept texting women, giving me poor excuses, and just being cold and uncaring for me.


I miss him a lot and I'm so hurt and haunted by the thoughts of him being physical with his new conquest. But part of me knows someone who does that to you DOES NOT love you.


Guess what? Not only do I think he's a sociopath, he calls himself that as well...

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