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I feel like i am amounting to nothing..has anyone else felt like this before?


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I am a 25 year old woman,working in a factory.I enjoy it and i don't know what i want to do professionally just yet.I wasn't born knowing what i wanted to do. and the factory is very good money so thats why i stay and the people are good too. I want someone for me to love and that loves me back. In my 25 years i have never had a relationship or sex. It really gets me down. I have yet to meet someone i want to put all my effort into.I have friends,i go out for dinner and do stuff with them all the time.



I believe my girlfriends are important.so my time is spent working and hanging out with friends now and then. My friends have always had relationships,some are even engaged.I am very happy for them,but i wonder what is so bad about me that i cant even get a guys interest.Whenever i like someone they don't feel the same.I'm not a bad person but im not saying im perfect either. Everyone has their flaws,including me. I am not skinny but im not fat either.I have bright white teeth.I look after myself hygenically. I eat right. I have a sense of humour.Then theres the bad side,i have my guard up,im loud,sometimes too quiet with new people,shy,i dont have any real interests because i dont know what interests me.


People my age are already married and having babies. I want that. I want to know how it feels to love someone more than myself. I want a partner who is good to me. who i can live my life with.


I was in the car today thinking about it,and i lost it,i just couldn't stop crying about it. When is it going to be my turn??or will it never come?I want intimacy and to share a bond with someone,im not afraid of sex,i just haven't met a guy who i want to give that side of me to yet.


I feel like im going nowhere.amounting to nothing and never will. I wasn't born to be with someone i guess..i really do feel this way.Im reaching my breaking point.


has anyone else ever felt like this?


rant over..



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25? ..girl your time will come. Don't worry.. go on dates, go out..have fun.. have your friends and family set you up on dates...let it go a little.


You will have plenty of time of being committed in some relationship. You have still got the better end of the years infront of you..so i predict a bright future for you. Just try to get a handle on the longing. I know it will never really completely go away. But it can come in the way of making the right choices and you dont want that either.


Stay positive and focus on obtaining an interest you can put your mind to..

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