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first date went amazing, wait for him to ask for another or should i?


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so for once the online dating thing worked for me. i have been talking to this one guy for months but in the beginning i wasnt ready to meet him because he lives an hr and 15 minutes from me. in the beginning that bothered me a little. but now that i have been talking to him for so long and have a lot in common we decided to meet (he even remembered everything about me- birthday,favorite color, favorite movie etc).. his aunt actually lives in my town, which is another reason i got passed the whole hour 15 min thing esp. since he does visit her a lot.


it also turns out that his aunt works with my brother and they know each other (small world lol) anyway, i would have met him half way on the drive but he said he wanted to drive here and meet me in my area. i felt bad esp. bc he wouldnt let me pay or anything as it is. we went to a mall for a little bit then a movie then dinner then hung out a little bit after (and yes a few make-outs did happen..lol). we both had an amazing time, the date lasted about 6-7 hours. unfort. it took him 2 hours to get home bc of traffic but he says it was worth it. anyway, today i was out near his town with a friend. so i told him he doesnt have to if he doesnt want to & im not looking to rush into anything but i will be in the area but with a friend.


so if he didnt want to meet up bc my friend was there thats fine to. he said hed let me know if he was free or not ( i only told him i was in the area since we both live a little far from each other). he ended up not coming i was a little bummed but i understand if it was bc my friend was there (she knows about him and some of his friends know hes been talking to me). Everything in the date went great he even told me about his mom who passed away which he said he never talks about it, but i felt he must be interested/like me/trust me if he was able to tell me that. we both talked about our families, siblings, work, school etc. we both have deleted our online profiles long ago so neither of us still have one which is good since i dont have to worry about that.


but, do you think he just didnt come today because the friend was there even though she knew that i have been talking to him? or maybe he was just busy. it isnt really bothering me but he has been a little quiet (but still talking) should i just give him a little space or ask him if he wants to hang out again? he is going to be in town for thanksgiving at his aunts but at the same time its thanksgiving and thats for family so im not going to mention hanging out around then. i did ask him if he did want to hang out again sometime, he did say yes, should i ask him when he wants to hang out again, or wait until he asks me? should i slow down on talking to him (im not bugging him or anything like non stop talking to him, just dont want him to think im not interested anymore so i talk to him every now and then)..according to him im "gorgeous and my pictures don't do justice" he said that about two or three times..


so i think he honestly is interested and i could just tell the way he looked at me when we were talking and hanging out that he was. anyway, should i just wait until he contacts me to hang out and not talk as much, or should i keep talking to him so he doesnt think im not interested anymore? any advice??..thankss!

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Can you still put some spaces in between there..so its better to read?


I think..the hardest challenge is to give the guy the space to show you he actually wants to see you. Its hard when you want to keep things going to not initiate tiny moments of conversations. But let him do some of the work..


Back off a little and see what he does out of his own. In the end..not the words matter..but the actions..

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I would wait for him to ask you out. Keep chatting to him as usual, but don't ask him out again.


yeah, we do talk like i said, but before we had the date just seems like he talked more to me before the date happened, he actually is the one who planned the date and wanted to come all the way to see me. like i said, he said he really does like me and all but i just find it a little weird that he has been kind of quiet since the date even though we both had a really good time (it did last about 7 hours long lol), hopefully he will ask again after thanksgiving. could just be that its the holidays and hes busy...thanks

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