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Shopping addiction?


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I am an absolute squirrel when it comes to money. I have problems spending even a little.


But about once every two months, I'll look at my bank statement and realize how much money I've hoarded and have the impulse to buy something. Doesn't matter what it is and it's usually between 50-100 dollars (sometimes multiple cheaper items). Once I do, the urge goes away.

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Here is a list that might help you determine if you have a shopping problem. Got it from here: link removed


Spending over budget. "Often times a person will spend over their budget and get into deep financial trouble, spending well above their income," says Engs. "The normal person will say, 'Oops, I can't afford to buy this or that.' But not someone who has an addiction," explains Engs -- he or she will not recognize the boundaries of a budget.


Compulsive buying. "When a person with a shopping addiction goes shopping, they often compulsively buy, meaning they go for one pair of shoes and come out with 10."


It's a chronic problem. "A shopping addiction is a continuous problem," says Engs. "It's more than two or three months of the year, and more than a once-a-year Christmas spree."


Hiding the problem. "Shopoholics will hide their purchases because they don't want their significant other to know they bought it because they'll be criticized," says Engs. "They may have secret credit card accounts, too. Because this problem affects mostly women, as alcoholism affects mostly men, husbands will all of sudden be told their wife is $20,000-$30,000 in debt and they are responsible, and many times, this comes out in divorce."


A vicious circle. "Some people will take their purchases back because they feel guilty," says Engs. "That guilt can trigger another shopping spree, so it's a vicious circle." And in these people, debt may not be an issue because they're consistently returning clothes out of guilt -- but a problem still exists.


Impaired relationships. "It is not uncommon for us to see impairments in relationships from excessive spending or shopping," says Rick Zehr, vice president of addiction and behavioral services at Proctor Hospital at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery. "Impairment can occur because the person spends time away from home to shop, covers up debt with deception, and emotionally and physically starts to isolate themselves from others as they become preoccupied with their behavior."


Clear consequences. "It's just like any other addiction -- it has nothing to do with how much a person shops or spends, and everything to do with consequences," says Zehr. "We often get the question around the holidays that because a person spent more money than she intended, does this make her an addict? The answer is no. However, if there is a pattern or a trend or consequences that occur with excessive shopping then the person may be a problem spender -- the hallmark is still loss of control. If they are no longer in control of their shopping but their shopping is in control of them, they've crossed the line."

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Here's another section from that link:


According to Zehr, these behaviors can also signal a serious problem:




Shopping or spending money as a result of feeling angry, depressed, anxious, or lonely

Having arguments with others about one's shopping habits

Feeling lost without credit cards -- actually going into withdrawal without them

Buying items on credit, rather than with cash

Describing a rush or a feeling of euphoria with spending

Feeling guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed after a spending spree

Lying about how much money was spent. For instance, owning up to buying something, but lying about how much it actually cost

Thinking obsessively about money

Spending a lot of time juggling accounts or bills to accommodate spending



"If someone identifies four or more of any of these behaviors, there may be a problem," Zehr explains to WebMD.

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I am an absolute squirrel when it comes to money. I have problems spending even a little.


But about once every two months, I'll look at my bank statement and realize how much money I've hoarded and have the impulse to buy something. Doesn't matter what it is and it's usually between 50-100 dollars (sometimes multiple cheaper items). Once I do, the urge goes away.

That sounds like me, lol.

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I'm weird with money. Both of my parents have ZERO problem spending money. But I myself....am much more penny-pinching. I like good deals. But Im mostly this way when I know its needed.


But, when I feel I have extra money---I BLOW IT.




And go back to squirreling, as Cog puts it

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I love shopping lol. That being said, I spend what I can spare and if anything is put on credit it's because I bought it online or for reward points and the balance is paid off as soon as the statement arrives. I don't believe that people should buy things they cannot afford and I think it's a huge problem is today's society with lots of pressure to own the best and latest item - people turn to credit cards as a way of purchasing items they want but not necessarily need. I do think shopping can help with moods, when I'm feeling crappy I love to go to the spa, buy books, clothes, shoes, handbags or treat myself to the hair salon. My fiance is definitely more frugal than I but we both save very similar % of our annual salary so it's not an issue, although I love a sale just as much as the next person.

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I used to be SUPER CONSERVATIVE when it came to shopping. Everything I wore in high school was handed down from my brother, so I never needed to shop for clothes, and to me, spending $20 was a huge deal.


Fast forward to today, I go shopping almost everyday. I'll make some effort to go to my favorite stores whenever I can. Not that I'll buy something new everyday, but I do make several purchases within a week if I find something I like. Talking about clothes mostly, but sometimes electronics as well if something catches my eyes and I can afford it and depending on how much I need it.


I would call myself a shopoholic. I've spent at least a couple of thousands of dollars on clothes this year alone, maybe even 10 thousand if you combine electronics and clothes. Almost all of the clothes I buy are name brands as well.


Just remembered, yesterday I made a purchase. $200 jeans, $40 shirt. I spent like $270 if you include tax.

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I love shopping. I love buying clothing. I'm not addicted though. I can easily stop at any time, if I want to. I just don't want to. lol


I am a bargain shopper and a couponer. I never buy anything without comparison shopping and getting the best deal.


All throughout my life I grew up poor. When I was in college (undergrad and grad school) I had to pay for it myself and pinch every single penny that I could, and work as a dental assistant suctioning up people's spit in order to pay my bills. Now that I am working in my career of choice and am successful in it I will treat myself to the things I deserve and waited so long for. Bascially, if I die tomorrow I want to be in fabulous clothing



I still have a savings account of course, but yeah..... I like nice things. If I fall in love with something and the price is right I usually make it mine. I don't like many things, so when I see something special that fits my taste I scoop it up. In a whole department store I might find 2 items I actually would wear.

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Have you ever gone in to a store to buy something you NEED. Something like toothpaste, a book for a class, etc.


And I'll sit there in the isle with the item in my hand, staring at it. And, then I'll put it back and say 'I don't REEEAAALLY need this".


I do this all of the time. I don't even know.

LOL, no I can't say I've ever done that when it's something I need. I end up buying what I need, but I sometimes feel guilty for having bought it and would have preferred not spending the money. My problem is that many times when there's something I really NEED, I have a hard time finding it. I actually HATE shopping! I have good clothes and am happy with what I have and when it needs replacing, I replace it.


It's interesting to see that there are MEN here who admit to being addicted to shopping. I somehow always associated it with being a "woman's thing", LOL.

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The top 5 shopoholics on my facebook are all guys. They're what you'd call a hypebeast. I'm not even at their level. Went shopping with two of them once a while back, they dropped $300 multiple times like it was nothing. I actually felt like some reflux or something from seeing that. I can never go shopping with them again. I'm a solo shopper, made this realization a while back when shopping with my ex and friends, they can't keep my pace cause if I'm not interested, I move on quick. At the same time, if I find something I like, I'll sit on the idea of buying it for a while, try it on, see if I really like it before buying it unlike my hypebeast friends who'll buy it off the rack after giving a minute thought.


edit... the top 4 are guys for sure, and if you include me, I'm probably #5. As of now, I can probably think of #6-9 but they're not major, yet not a single female comes to mind, well, maybe just one. But really, the only major thing she's got over the guys is her LV clutch that her boyfriend got her so that doesn't really count either. #1 and #2 are on the top for a reason because both of them spent $3000 on a suit! Hard for anyone I know to top that.

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