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A run in with the ex a year after the breakup

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Yesterday, I was at a sporting event that my ex was at with his new gf.


For a little background, we dated for 2 years and 7 months. He asked for a break and was hanging out with the new gf a lot so I broke it off and wasn't fb officially dating her until 5 months after the breakup but they were probably dating way before then. Last time he initiated contact was last Dec a week after break up. The last time I initiated conversation was back in April. We have not talked in person since Dec. The times that we have seen each other in person he has run off to his gf.


As of yesterday, we kept our distance from each other, but I almost felt like he was rubbing his new gf in my face. He was constantly hugging on her or rubbing her back. (He was never big on PDA while we were dating.) At one point, I was walking towards the bathroom and he was leaving and we walked right passed each other while no one was really around. I happened to be trying to call someone at the time and just kept walking. But it seemed like we both didn't know what to do and was just going to see what the other did. Nothing.... we acted like we didn't even know each other.


Is this normal behavior for exs? Was he trying to rub her in my face? Any helpful advice, bc it was definitely hard to see him with her.

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Ms Darcy, I wish I could say I was over him, but I am not. He was my first love and it was a serious 2 year 7 month relationship. I'd probably be happy for him if it wasn't the girl he basically left me for and I hadn't heard his friends say that they don't like him when he's with her.


Rosie smith, I wish I could be mad/angry at him. But he was a big part of my life and helped me become a better person. I wish he could still be in my life, but I know now it is best that he isn't.


Awoken, the first time we saw each other after the break up (4months post-break up) he got out of her car saw me, then got back in it and sat there and watched me until I left. The other time (6months) he quickly left the group he was talking to and then found her.


Crazyaboutdogs, I never thought of my ex as being immature, but the way he dealt with the breakup was immature. But why would he be trying to rub it in my face? He was the one that wanted to end it, he's the one that seems so moved on and has forgotten about me.

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