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I m confused abt my bf


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so this is my story. my bf and i strtd dating like arnd 6 months he broke up with his ex (he dated her for like 4 months but was pretty serious abt her wanted to marry her he says, and she broke up with my bf cos she was still in love wiht her ex and patched up with him). So whn i we jus strtd dating he told me lots abt her and their story too and in the beginning i tot he is to honest but now i m confused. firstly he si still in touch with ehr even tho he knows tat hurts me. she broke up her bf adn she tries to meet my bf every now and then like movie or event or coffee/dinner. adn he never denies her invitation rather asks me if we can both go or if i m away , he asks me if he can go...


sumtimes i tell him no directly and he doesnt go but whnever we hv some conversation abt how gfs r jealous etc he says i m jealous adn not reasonable.


other than tat , if she has some issue he wants to be ther for her. Also i kno he has bought her gifts but since we hv been dating , he never bought me a single thing and even whn we go out for dinner he makes me split the bill...


my brain says i shud stop this prolly he thinks i don deserve to splurged on i dunno... but i really like him and i end up listening to my heart...

pls help me...


is he still in lvoe with ehr or does he love her more than me?

is there a way to solve this issue?

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