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Does He Like Me? How Do I Handle This?


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I've liked Boy 1 since February, and we have three classes twice a week together. Lately he's started warming up to me and will talk, laughs at my jokes, makes eye contact, etc. He's easy-going though, and everything is very brief, partly because I'm too scared to extend eye contact/conversation. I would like to get to know him better, so how do I do that?

Also, one night we were playing football in a group and our mutual Friend 1 (who does social with him and also likes him) came up to me, gave me a hug and whispered that he liked me. So we went back into the house and she told me that his sister had caught him staring at me. She asked Boy 1 if he liked me and he didn't deny it, (she says if he was not attracted to me he would say so).


However, when Friend 1 asked him if he liked me, he denied it. It was in a backyard and there were other boys around, so of course he would say no...


I'm just a little confused as to how to act. His sister thinks that he might like Friend 1, too, but I think I have a better chance of him liking me than him liking her. Besides she pursues him like crazy, always flirting, sitting next to him, etc. But maybe I'm too standoffish? I don't want to make it seem like I like him, the thought of coming off like that paralyzes me when I'm around him. Because if he doesn't like me, but I think he does, wouldn't that make things totally awkward?


This is the first time a boy I liked probably liked me too, so I'm confused as to how to act. We are 'seniors in ms' LOL He's a day younger than me And he's really cute, I see on his fb page (we aren't friends but I can see it) there are girls who flirt with him and stuff...



So should I ask his sis more info or what? I definitely will when I see her tomorrow, but what are the risks of having her be the go-between? Especially since they aren't particularly close?

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