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Am i too aggressive or is he just scared????


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I met this guy awhile back, and I wasn't sure if he was attracted to me or not. He showed a lot of signs that he liked me; he would always ask my friend about me, and he would stare at me all day. We would talk a lot on the phone in text and in person, but it was more so about my life and what was going on, cause I had recently gone through a bad break up. He would give me advice on dating, and I recently got tired of not knowing for sure if he liked me, so I asked him. He told me he liked me a lot. Since he told me that, he has backed off.


Sometimes he doesn't even talk to me when we're around other people because his friends make a lot of jokes about us being together. We will be in the same room all night, but he will wait and text or call me after I go home. For a minute I thought maybe he only wanted sex, but we have slept in bed together on several occasions and not once has he tried anything. I respect him for this, but I'm confused. He doesn't seem to have a problem with other girls, only me. Did I scare him by asking if he liked me? Does he really like me or did he say yes to be nice?

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Did you tell him "I like you a lot too!" after he dumped all his feelings on the table?


I think he made himself really vulnerable by telling you how he feels and you didn't return the openness which has made him very insecure (who wouldn't be?). He now worries that he's made a fool of himself and is waiting for you to make the next move.

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