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Feeling Lonely today


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I woke up feeling very lonely. It's hard to reach out to people when I am low.


One of my closest friends passed away 2 weeks ago, I have been drifting apart with my bf for 2 months and my best friend of 11 years here is moving abroad in January. I live abroad and I have no family here. So, my friends/partner are like my family.


On an emotional level I feel like people I love are 'leaving' me. I have had dreams that my baby nephew dies, that my friends are rejecting me and this morning I woke up from another terrible dream that my mum died


I try to keep going but today is tough. Maybe it's normal considering the loss I feel.


Any advice, support or if you've been in a similar position is helpful,


thank you.

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This will pass for sure.

I am sure you know this is just a really tough moment in your life.

They say (whoever they are) 'When it rains it pours'.

Well it's doing that now over your way and like rain all that's going on now eventually passes.


Try not to pay heed to your dreams as you know what they are made up of.


Hang in there Quirky.

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Its tough when everything comes at once, and it generally always seems to happen like that hey!


And if you're anything like me, I can only imagine this miserable UK weather and dark nights aren't helping much! (you are in the UK aren't you or am I talking rubbish)?


I've really nothing to add that can help but, have you any plans to look forward to? Holidays home to see the family over Christmas etc. Might be nice if you had something positive to focus on


I understand lonely and know that it doesn't always make a difference that there are people to talk to .... But here we are!!!


Feel better soon quirky

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Thank you all so much for your words, it really helps ((hugs))


Hang in there Quirky


Thank you In the Dark.


I understand lonely and know that it doesn't always make a difference that there are people to talk to .... But here we are!!!


Thank you Flyingpiglet, you're right people are here. And yes I do live in the UK, silly weather indeed.


Be kind to yourself quirky, try not to analyse it while you're riding it out


Thank you anya.


I feel so low that I'm pushing everyone away and drifting away.

Isn't it weird we do that..? Don't surreneder to it Jonty, try to go out as much as possible and post here.

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Everything you're feeling is normal, I think. I know I felt the same things this last year. It's not easy and really confusing, as you feel abandoned - felt behind alone. It's not easy. You just have to be gentle to yourself. The winter blues certainly doesn't help. I don't really have any advice but wanted you know you aren't alone! Either in how you feel or in actuality. ((hugs)) Stay strong quirky! We are here for you.

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