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So I am moving to a new country next week. i reactivated my dating account just to meet people in said country. I started talking to this girl, but the more I talked to her, the more I realized she has a bit of a 'B' streak to her, and just likes drama, or uneccessary drama in my point of view.


It started off with her telling me about every guy she met off the site. which wasn't many but still. and she would then proceed to tell me about what they did and how long the coffee was etc. at first I was fine, then it got annoying. so i asked her to stop.


yesterday we had a skype session. she then proceeds to tell me about her ex bf who is a stalker won't leave her alone and how she had to report it. then she told me about the time she went to another country to meet a guy she was talking to and he flaked on her. then she decided to 'get revenge' and play private detective and find him (he gave her false address/contact info). and then she found him and made him meet her at like 2 am. i'm kinda fuzzy here as i pretty much blanked out and started talking to other people/watching tv.. but thats pretty much what happened.


^i have not talked to her via skype before and it was a little too much for a first face to face conversation. we had been texting/chatting on the internet for about 2 weeks before..


so basically i said i dont think we'll get along as what she told me kinda weirded me out a little. she got offended at me and thinks i'm wrong so just stopped talking to me.


I'm just wondering.. do people still unleash everything at you right away? How do you react? How would you react to a situation like mine? Am I wrong for being weirded out? lol

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Totally weird and a big ol' red flag. I always get nervous when people start talking about this stalker ex and that person they got revenge on, etc. More often than not, people who are surrounded in drama contributed to it (or created it).


Don't you think it's creepy that she stalked some dude down??? She is a bunny boiler. Run!

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