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catching up with ex, I suspect she still likes me

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I ended our 2,5 years relationship with her 6 months ago. We only talked about 3 times since then. Semi-NC, maybe I can call it that. Yesterday, I texted her asking about her father who sells cat. So I texted her and it turned into a conversation about how each other's doing, etc. This morning she texted me informing about the availability of the cat. But she keeps texting me after that and she seems enthusiastic. I've been replying to her text because I think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of catching up with an ex. But minutes ago I thought, maybe this is too much, what if she still has feelings for me? What do you think I should do? Just cut contact or tell her that we're just friends? I don't want to lead her on but on the other hand it'd be nice to have her as a close friend. Thanks.

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Is there no way you could of contacted someone else about the cat? 6 months after my ex ex bf broke up with me i was only just getting it together....i was still trying to stop loving him.


She probably does still like you...get her dad's number and speak to him from now on.


that way she doesn't get her hopes up.


loulou x

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I suggest you read through some of the posts on this forum and to get an idea on exactly how it feels to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back. Then you may get an insight in to how your ex may feel. Chances are she still likes/loves you, so leave her alone.

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