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Where did you go?


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I used to know this guy that would look outside the window ever few minutes around the time that I would pull up and would be waiting at the door to put his arms around me and hug and kiss me. - Where did he go?


This guy would also grab my hand while we were walking anywhere or would put his arm around me and keep me close when we were in public. - Where did he go?


Oh the butterflies I used to get when he would randomly grab me, pull me close and kiss me so passionately. - Where did he go?


He would send me texts or emails all day long, telling me how much he wanted it to be 5:30PM where I'd be there next to him. - Where did he go?


This guy would curl up behind me and hold me while I slept. I would joke about how his body heat would make me so hot at night. - Where did he go?


Wow, he would look at me with so much love and desire in his eyes that I blushed ever time. - Where did he go?


He made me feel so comfortable and safe from the moment I met him, I had never felt like that before. - Where did he go?


This guy hated to see me stressed out because of work so he would joke and play around with me, making me feel so much better. - Where did he go?


Now, I have this guy who just sits on the couch when I come home, most of the time he does not even say hello. - Who is this guy?


I have to grab his hand to be close in public, but my hand is often avoided or he lets go quickly. - Who is this guy?


His kisses are tight lipped and very quick, only offered in the mornings with a quick hug. I've not felt butterflies in a long time. - Who is this guy?


Sometimes he will email me, but it will be quick and focused on how his day is going. No flirting, all business. - Who is this guy?


He sleeps on the right side of the bed, but now puts pillows between us. - Who is this guy?


He really does not look at me except when we are talking, and even then, the TV is usually the focus. - Who is this guy?


I feel alone a lot of the times, even with him sitting there next to me. The silence becomes uncomfortable sometimes. - Who is this guy?


If I am stressed or in a bad mood, he will go hide in another room to not deal with it. - Who is this guy?


Tears fill my eyes remembering how happy that guy I used to know made me feel.


Tears start falling when I think that this guy who looks like who I used to know, but acts completely different might be what I will be stuck with from now on.


I miss that guy I used to know and I want him back more than anyone could ever know.


Where did you go and will I ever get you back?

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