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NEED HELP! I don't think I did the right thing.


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I feel sooo bad right now!! I have no clue what to do next. I just * * * * ed things up bad with a girl I've been seeing because I expected that she loved me, but when I asked her if she did (this kinda slipped out), she said she didn't have feelings like that yet. And rightfully so, because its only been a short time of knowing each other. I guess I'm the type that is way more open about considering things "love" and my perspective is kinda shewed. What we had... I felt something through her actions and intimacy when we were together, so I didn't see how she couldn't feel anything. My perception kind of grew right there on the spot of her being plain out cold (I was so wrong to think this). I let my emotions and impatience get in the way of a beautiful thing we had going.


I fell for her too hard, and got upset when I heard this. I've been with a lot of needy girls in the past, but this one is the complete opposite and I SHOULD like that much better, but because of it I feel like now I'm turning into he needy one >


Well I kind of jumped the gun BAD. I more or less told her that I wanted to be just friends because we're not on the same level relationship wise, and I expected more attachment from her at this point. I don't want to get hurt because I care about her a lot. BUT NOW I FEEL LIKE MY THOUGHTS WERE TOTALLY IRRATIONAL. She's showed me a lot of signs of commitment, and I feel like I didn't respect her pace.


WHAT DO I DO!? I want to change things back, but I feel like this move I made to want to be friends, hurt her a lot. Maybe this space from me for a while will be a good thing? I know she really likes me, and we've had some great times. I want to apologize, but I don't want to feel like I'm running back to her with my tail between my legs. I want to give her space to think, because I feel like even though I might have been wrong to pressure her, I want to show her that I'm not afraid to leave if she doesn't meet me half-way.


SO, do I play the waiting game, give her a week or what-not? Do I talk to her tomorrow? I don't even know the exact words I want to use yet. Please enotalone help me out here, I'm so upset.

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She feels like I shouldn't trust her. Even though she'll be exclusive with me (shes said this) she still feels like shes going let me down or something.


She said this in hopes you would break it off because you freaked her out with the love thing. She doesn't want you getting depressed if things don't work out since it sounds like maybe she is just going with the flow and having some fun. The love thing probably surprised her. Now she is under pressure because if she stays in the relationship there is no way she can take it slow. It is either speed up and commit to the L word or not continue the relationship. You unintentionally drew a line in the sand.

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Hey There Onlyhuman23!


I think you should just be honest with her, and let her know your feelings. I think she'll really appreciate you opening up to her. I think the sooner you call her the better. You want to talk to her before she closes up, and possibly closes you out of her life.


If you really want to have a relationship with her, this is your chance.


Lots of luck to you. I'm sure everything will work out.

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I think the sooner you call her the better.


I'm pretty sure I need to give her time to think, but idk. I told myself before that I would be fine with just taking things easy and going with the flow at whatever pace she wanted, but I totally failed at that and ruined a perfectly good thing. Whatever mindset I try to keep, my feelings still sit in the pit of my stomach. I have trouble desensitizing myself from her.

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Then perhaps the situation is not irretrievable. Say that you acted prematurely out of disappointment and would like to go out with her some more to see where it may lead for both of you. And do it very soon, don't wait.

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