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Messed up story.. Might be a lost cause..


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This girl and I are both around 30. We've known each other most of our lives as long distance friends. We live 3 hours apart now. Over the years she and I have shared a strong bond and have like 90-95% in common. I don't know what we are, we both give mixed signals.. I thought she was into me.. she's told me I'm sexy, I met her family and she very much wants to meet mine, and she jokes that we should get married.


When I first moved here she was super excited.. texting/calling me all the time, staying over, etc.. overly complimentary of everything about me.. I'm attracted to her, I've always been. I tend to be a "nice guy" and I think I did totally fine except I probably didn't initiate anything soon enough (but she really didn't give me options either).


Over the past few months we weren't getting together as often.. I was already seeing someone else and she got jealous. She texted me saying how bad she missed me. She tried to get me to drive there but I made her drive to me. I got sick that weekend so nothing happened. The following weekend I drove to see her. We planned for her to stay the weekend with me at a hotel (she still lives w her parents) but after dinner she BOLTS and says she's tired and wants to sleep at her house. I'm like huh!?


I debate bailing but figure we can talk about things on Sunday.. So, she says she has to work but to meet her at the mall at 4. We text back and forth all day, the last text being from me at 2 saying we should ride together. She doesn't reply.


Long story short I never found her. We texted/played phone tag.. I was there until it closed at 6.. no sign of her. I drove home and at 9pm she e-mailed me "why were you late?!"


I flat out told her I think she stood me up and I don't think we should see each other anymore.

She says I'm being silly and also said she's never considered me as anything but a friend.


I'm so confused why she would do this to me?

I think I want her out of my life now but it's not easy for me.

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It sounds like she may be playing games. Do you really want to get into a relationship with someone who plays games with you?


I don't mind "some" games - but being stood up is a dealbreaker.


(When I say I don't mind "some" games, I mean, as opposed to this girl who told me on date 1 that she wanted to be married within a year.)


After re-reading my long post I wonder what sane guy would put up with this crap? Yeah, I'm done.

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