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Long story short my most recent ex of 2 years and I just started back talking/conversing over the phone a little over a month ago. Before that we had not spoken In almost 5 months due to a pretty bad break up that lasted almost 4 months prior to that. The last time we had sex was back in January during a trip to NOLA together while we were broken up. She lives about 2 hours away in the same city as my sisters whom I visit regularly. The last time I was there a few weeks back we met up for lunch and went out to a bar with a group of mutual friends. She looked amazingly beautiful as usual and we could both tell there was still attraction between us.


Anyway I have been literally craving her sexually. I have never experienced this feeling before with any other woman. As a matter of fact I have not had sex with anyone in little over a month and its not for the lack of willing women (Im an attractive guy I just need more of a connection with a woman or else the sex becomes almost boring and I get no real enjoyment from it. I have been having this feeling/craving since for my ex before she and I started back talking but now its even stronger. I even had this weird experience a couple months ago during sex with another women where I had a flashback of having sex with my ex.


So I need some advice on is this normal to crave one woman sexually like this and if so should I act on it the next time I see her or speak with her about it? Or should I just try to ignore it and have sex with other women to get it out of my system?

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My personal experience about having sex with my ex after 2 years after we broke up is don't do it!


With an ex there is always going to be a little something there so you may get hurt again or you could be hurting your ex by leading her on

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Would you want her back otherwise, or just as sex?


i think there will always be a part of me that wants her back...I have tried to block it but I can't. I have just accepted it until it leaves on its own! But I dont want her back because I know we wouldn't make it. We arent ready

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