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  1. I think I have to agree 100%! Every time I have ever kissed someone during sex or not, it was a completely different feeling emotionally. Either I felt something or I didn't. Maybe it's because with sex the gratification is somewhat more instant. I mean the penis and vagina are much more sensitive/easy to pleasure compared to the lips, therefore if the area (penis/vagina) is being stimulated it takes less thinking/processing of the brain to recognize the release of endorphins.....which could explain why it so easy to have casual sex but not as easy to kiss someone you are not emotionally attac
  2. Nope! I was wondering that as well! That's some of the reason why I posted the question..lol
  3. Whooaa there!! I rarely have casual sex and when/if I do it's because the girl initiated or gave me the green light. Plus we already have decided long before hand that we aren't looking for anything more...
  4. lol...yes I am a guy!! But is that weird? What do you usually do?
  5. Maybe Im the only one here but I have realized over the years (I'm 23) if/when I have casual sex with someone that I don't like enough to be in a relationship with I dont like kissing her. I just feel like sometimes passionate kissing during sex should be saved for a person that you are emotionally attached to/care for/love if that makes any sense. I know it sounds weird; putting the carriage before the horse so to speak; but it happens! Maybe it's a guy thing??!!! Anyhow, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way or have had similar experiences??
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