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NYC Teaching Fellowship/Skills needed for a teacher

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I have been debating for awhile about the possibility of becoming a teacher. I like the idea of helping others with also the flexibility of the summer. I have been looking at the nyc fellowship program and was hoping others can give me their input. It seems very competitive to be accepted especially now. What i am worried about is if you do get called for an interview I read you are given a math assessment, writing sample, teaching sample etc.


How difficult is the math assessment? math really isn't my subject and i would rather teach english or special education.


Also--i wouldn't want to teach highschool students; it is just not for me i already know. I would rather it be anyone below 7th grade. I think i am understanding and have a helpful personality. One concern i have is probably getting over my nervousness about being in front of a class. With small kids it may not be such a big deal but it still makes me nervous. I am not one who likes to draw attention to myself or overly confident but i do like the idea of helping others.

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