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Resigning from a job of 3 days

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Some of you may have seen my posts about my mother have a stroke. For those who havent, about two-three weeks ago my mother had a stroke and for a breif period of time could not even recall her own name.


Since then she has been a wreck emotionally and mental. I traveled home (a four hour flight) for a week to spend time with her and help in anyway that I could. She seemed to be doing better by the time I left and still have my brother and sister with her.


Yesterday I got a call that she has been readmited into the hospital. Apparently she was having trouble breathing and there may be some trouble with her heart.


Several month ago I applied for a second job at a bank. I ended up getting hired but right before I started my mother had the stroke. I literally worked for three days and then left to be with my mom. The Bank was very understand about this.


Now, with my mother back in the hospital I feel I cannot handle having this second job and I will most likely be traveling back to visit my mother again very soon.


My question is this: How can I gracefully resign from my position at the bank. I dont feel comfertable giving a two weeks notice because I will most likely be back with my mom very shortly and thus not available to work.


I feel terrible for doing this to the Bank but my mom comes before all else.



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Apologise for having to leave, tell them that under normal circumstances you would never do anything like this but your mother had had a severe stroke and needs as much time and attention as you can give her. Thank them for the opportunity and tell them you really regret being forced to resign.

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