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Am I dating a sociopath?

Little lady

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How do you know if you're dating a sociopath?


I found this from link removed and the girl I'm dating fits about 7 or 8 of these.


What are others experiences in dating these types of people? I''m pretty sure it's my first one.


10 Ways to Identify a Sociopath


1. Listen to the way your partner speaks. Most sociopaths put themselves on pedestals. Their grandiose sense of self makes them feel entitled to certain things. They see these things as "their right."

2. Pay attention to the way the person treats you. A sociopath is manipulative, domineering, controlling, and takes pleasure in humiliating his victim(s). Sociopaths have self-serving behaviors.

3. Count the lies. Sociopaths are notorious liars. It's almost impossible for a sociopath to tell the truth.

4. Observe the way the person expresses his or her emotions. A sociopath has an incapacity for love. Promiscuity, addictions, verbal outbursts and physical punishments are the sociopath's way of stimulating himself.

5. Wait until he or she says or does something wrong. The sociopath shows no remorse, shame or guilt. Although a sociopath may be outraged by insignifican matters, he or she will remain unmoved by serious matters.

6. Count his or her friends. A sociopath has trouble making and keeping friends. He will make up an excuse for this, too.

7. Listen to other people. Sociopaths do not become sociopaths overnight. They have a history. Sometimes these histories include aberrant behaviors, including: stealing, lying, promiscuity, and cruelty to people or animals.

8. Observe the way she blames others. The sociopath does not take responsibility for her actions. Instead, she blames others, even for acts she obviously committed.

9. Listen to his plans for the future. The sociopath makes unrealistic plans for the future. He does not fulfill his promises and exploits those that try to help him achieve his goals.

10. Take a step back. It may be hard to recognize a sociopath, especially when you're in a relationship with this person. A sociopath can become very abusive. Unfortunately, the abuse will not stop. The sociopath "gets by" by promising, lying, and manipulating. This will create a sense of hoplessness in the victim, thus producing an addictive cycle for abuser and abused.

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Why do you feel the need to classify her?

Does it help in any way?


Surely you look at the 7 or so root behaviours that you said she has exhibited, and question or tackle them individually.

If you can't figure it out maybe it's time for you to move on (?)

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I'm not classifying her for any reason other than to try to figure out why she does the things she does...I guess I could be putting more time and effort into this than I should be but I don't want to get caught up in some kind of emotional tornado.


I'm not sure who wrote it but I'm just trying to see what exactly a sociopath is, seeing as though I've never dated one

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