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Small Pregnancy Rant - Bad dreams and worry


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Hi All


I had a lovely day yesterday. I just stayed at home and chilled out, was so tired because I had gone out the night before, whichI enjoyed throughly. I only stayed out til 10.30pm. It really took it out of me though!


I actually fell asleep whilst reading a book yesterday and I never do that.


However, as the day wore on, I started to feel a bit low/lonely. I think it's because I had a "day sleep", that doesn't always sit well with me. Feel a bit groggy afterwards. Anyhow, I had some really horrible dreams about the baby. It really upset me when I woke up. I was bit worried yesterday as I felt very "small" belly wise and that is something that always makes me worry and I think there is something wrong, but I am told that it's very normal to feel small some days and larger on others. Plus as I'm in my second trimester, I did read that there will be times now that I won't even feel pregnant anymore!


The father is on my mind a bit still, as we haven't spoken for some time now, but he is away adjusting at present with his family. However, I am not letting this crowd my mind.


I had more bad dreams last night and kept waking up. I guess its all about adjusting to impending motherhood, which I am excited about but also a little overwhelmed.


Another thing, I still really miss sex, cannot stop thinking about it.


Thanks for listening. x

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It's common for your belly to feel bigger one day and a bit smaller the other. That's not the baby varying in size, just your intestines. The bigger the baby, the less you'll notice these normal fluctuations.


I always felt groggy after daytime sleeps, but I wouldn't have survived my pregnancy without them, I was very tired most of the time. I'd still advise you to allow yourself these sleeps.

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at 23 weeks with my daughter I was still flat as a pancake, and she weighed 1.5lb at that time as well. Which is big for that gastastion. With my son however, I was HUGE.


I also had a lot of bad dreams about bad things happening to my babies. But remember your hormones are everywhere at the moment. Just try to stay relaxed, and not worry. If you do have any concerns no matter how little, please contact your baby doctor/midwife

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