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Deadly and violent rage against cheaters


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To err is human, yet some seem not to care the slightest about improving.


These days are actually some of the happiest of my life (relationship-wise), yet for an unknown reason I randomly did some soul-searching and understood what makes me most angry in this world.


Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with me or my personal situation, I fear and hate to death people who cheat or break other people's heart without a second thought. Thinking about them makes me feel homicidal and I remember that even as a teenager I often had dreams of slicing off cheater's heads or imagining myself saying at my wedding "I'll always love you, but if I found out that you cheated I'll kill you and the other guy."


I get quite a strong adrenaline rush when I think about doing harm to cheaters, and it makes me feel like a wild animal

...while thinking about this I almost started calling names to passer-bys who seemes slightly promiscuous.


All this may be a fantasy, but I'm simply concerned whether all this has any meaning regarding my relationship success and/or problems, and whether there is something about me and my past I should work on.

I'm also concerned that this hidden rage about me might affect my actual relationship.


Cheaters are my life rivals, and I really think that if there were no laws in this world I would feel no restraint to go around punishing they way my fantasies suggest to.

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It is not healthy to proclaim yourself judge and jury, nor vigilante, to complete strangers who you deem to be behaving in a promiscuious way. In fact, it is completely unhealthy that you actually entertain thoughts of physically hurting people who do things that you don't agree with. I think you need to seek help and I also think you need to rethink whether you belong in a commited relationship right now.

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Everything in bold makes me think that you have an unhealthy attitude to those people who engage in behaviours that you deem unacceptable. Everybody has different attitudes and morals...everybody strongly disagrees with various behaviours but it's not normal to talk about murdering those people.


Not only do you have no idea of the inner workings of other peoples relationships/marriages, you also have no idea if anyone is cheating or not......would you be willing to physically hurt someone for something you had no evidence about?


And, although you claim you're happy in your relationship now, what happens if you (wrongly or rightly) suspect your partner is cheating? Would you physically abuse your partner?


You really need to rethink your attitude.

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Your feelings towards them are way over the top. Trying to help and having compassion is fine. Having an unhealthy rage and fury towards people you don't even know..is obviously not fine, and not rational at all. If these thoughts express itself in real life, you need to get help..because something bad could happen of it.


You do not know all these people. You make bad decisions as well. Take it down a notch.

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I don't think it's particularly healthy to have that kind of rage. Fantasizing about killing someone for any reason is rather extreme, let alone cheating.


Personally, when I found out someone has cheated it doesn't stir any emotions in me at all. But that's because I think monogamy is irrational to begin with, and I think it's been proven a million times over not to be a good choice for most people. It's just culturally the "norm", so it's hard to be openly against it without being vilified from all corners.

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