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Please help (:

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Didn't know where else to go.


I'm really wanting to loose weight. I used to be 107 pounds, I was pretty small. I'm only 5'2. I weigh about 130 pounds at the moment. Ive looked at different websites but I was curious if any one knows any exercises that actually do work? or what foods would be best to eat? I know junk food isn't a good thing to be eating but what would be good?

I've had two kids which has obviously has something to do with the weight I've gained, but also got really into the junk food and pop.

If anyone could help it would be most appreciated thanks (:

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that's the big problem there... the junk food and pop. I'm not saying you can never have junk food ever again... just try to keep it sensible. Maybe limit yourself to on pop a week then slowly move to one pop a month and so one... gradually slow down the intake of pop and junk food and you'll get use to it. All try to eat a lot of low fat food like skinless chicken breasts or steamed fish along with vegetables. Don't overcook the vegetables or else they lose all their nutritional value. I have also found that eating smaller meals more often has worked because it regulates you metabolism. I have moved on to eating small meals every 3 hours throughout the day.... It gets hard but if you stick with it you'll start to see result. I hope this helps!

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Consider junk food and pop as well as any processed and refined foods as toxins. It really is that bad for your body in a long run.


Weight loss is calories in, calories out. And it all comes from what you eat while the exercise will accelerate and keep your body in shape.


Find out your daily caloric requirements first though.


Do this to figure out your BMR: link removed

Then take that number and apply this: link removed

Take the final figure and subtract 500 calories to lose a pound of fat each week. If you're 130 right and want to get back to your previous weight then you're looking at losing healthy 1~2 lbs a week. That's about 13-weeks. More than that you're going to starve yourself and will likely end up eating more than you should be.


As for food, more whole foods, the better. The more whole grain, vegetables and fruit you eat the better your body will function and have a very healthy weight loss. Stick to lean meat, cut back on red meat and anything with high saturated fat/cholesterol content.


Exercise wise there are many great programs out there. It's up to you if you want to increase your daily activity doing walking/jogging, doing yoga/pilates and get your metabolism going. As long as you watch your calorie intake and eat healthy, you'll lose the fat while strengthening the body.

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I definitely agree with the advice above (eating whole foods, cutting out soda, etc).


However I do want to point out that your current BMI is still within normal range. BMI tables aren't perfect of course. You may benefit a lot from exercise, especially from weights, which will help you build lean body mass in all the right places and increase your metabolism.


Good luck!

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