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have i got a sign on my head

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I dunno


I know I've been told here its too early to date after 10 weeks after a breakup...


I've been on tons of dates myabe about 10 now.NOT once has somebody wanted to see me again.


have a got a sign with" broken up a few montsh "written on my forehead or something.I know I have not talked about the breakup with anyone on any of those dates.I've been very positive.


can people really pick up on something? or am i just not worthy of SECOND DATE.


what the hell am i going to do I just want to meet somebody and get a second date and develop a relationship. This happened to me before I met my ex as well.


i have to be doing something wrong

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I think the big problem is that you are desperate to find another relationship so you are taking these one date wonders too personally. Much of dating is a whole bunch of one dates and over..that is the way it goes and you have to be able to take it in stride. I looked at your other posts and it sounds to me like you are nowhere near ready to date because you are not calm and relaxed about it...you are on a mission to find a replacement relationship so that when a date doesn't work out it cuts you up and leaves you frustrated because you are not achieving your goal of finding a relationship.

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Crazy* has pretty much nailed it....^^^^


If we could just go out and find our next perfect match that easily then ENA probably wouldn't even exist..! lol


We will go on many dates in our lives but only come accross those 'soul mate' types every now and then....


So the trick is to just turn your focus inwards now...Forget dating...In fact, tell yourself your gonna spend the next 6 months fully focussed on the most important person in your life: You*


Coz what you are experiencing now is more rejection on top of the rejection you are already dealing with!


My ex is still with the guy she left me for now after 13 months. At first I too was desperate to find a replacement for the gaping hole she shot through me. None of it worked and only made me feel worse....


But now, I've walked through the fire alone, started a new business, concentrated on my own life and those close to me...and I've even just met a gorgeous girl who has now come into my life...*


This is the way to do it Hun...You have time*


Stay Up


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You posted another thread on this same topic about a week ago... i'm not sure why you are asking this again, as you got lots of good advice on that thread about perhaps taking some time to get over your breakup and learning to love life whether you have a boyfriend or not so as not to appear/be desperate.


Have you done anything in that week that doesn't involve making men the focus of your life or chasing after them thinking that will be the only thing that will make you happy? You need to focus more on getting your life straight and enjoyable on your own, then you will attract a man who senses that joy rather than desperation and loneliness.

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