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Is she interested? I'd appreciate your input


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I went out on a date with a girl last Saturday, and I felt like things went really well. The whole night we talked I felt like I sensed an interest on her end - body language and she was all smiles. She also mentioned that she was surprised that I even remembered her (we met initially about 4 years ago, but I just contacted her recently) Since then we've been joking/flirting and sending text messages and emails throughout the day. I called last night to see what her plans are for this weekend, but I got her voicemail. What's strange is that I didn't get a call back from her, but I got an email telling me briefly how her day went and ended with a "good night!".


She did tell me on our first date that she 1) doesn't have reception on her phone a lot of the time (AT&T) 2) isn't much of a phone person.


I guess I'm just trying to play things somewhat "safe" by not assuming that she's interested, even though there are times where I feel like if she wasn't interested, she wouldn't be putting in the effort to be flirty back. But I guess I just don't know if her phone failed to show my call/voicemail msg (I guess it could happen...). I figured if she wasn't all too interested, I wouldn't get any form of contact back, but seeing that I got an email that didn't mention something like "sorry, I missed your call...", but was about something else completely kind of throws me off.


What's your take? I'd really appreciate your opinions. Thanks!

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It sounds feasible that her reception was bad and she simply didn't get the call, provided she didn't mention it. Or she did, but simply chose to respond via email instead as she doesn't like the phone.


Why not send an email asking her to give you a call when she has a moment and ask her for a date then?

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She responded. She’s acting interested. You’ve been on a date. I wouldn’t analyze it anymore than that. Don’t stress about how she chose to respond. Be glad that she did. I’m not much for talking on the phone either, but I’m a guy so that might not be surprising. I can chat online or email until the sun goes down though. I guess I’m more comfortable with that. Maybe she just prefers email, text and IM.

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