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Ex contacted me today complaining that I didnt reply to this text... sigh

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Had a text today from him about this bill we are paying. I have already paid him my money towards the bill two weeks ago. However, they chased me for the money (as its in both our names) and said it was still outstanding, so I had to text him last week to inform him to which he replied with a long explanation of how he hadn't paid all of it yet. Information I don't need to know really, I have paid my part.


I don't want contact with him. There is still hurt, anger and resentment between us. However, I must say he does not text me or anything any other time.


He sent me another text at the weekend explaining about the bill, but it has nothing to do with me now? I have paid my half. He is also telling me stuff like he has no money, which is one of the reasons I left him anyway. It has NOTHING to do with me now.


I think he still wants to make some sort of contact but I don't like it. I didnt reply to his text at the wekeend, and then this morning he questions why I didn't reply and calls me childish. It made me quite angry. I just replied and said that I have paid my half, so he can deal with his half. I wasn't rude.


Just wanted to vent about this really and I was feeling quite guilty about leaving him and hurting him but I'm just reminded that I did the right thing to be honest, he doesn't change, impatient and bossy and demanding and just totally stressing me out all the time with his demanding nature. He does not stop, even over a text, still now and I'm not even his girlfriend anymore. He used to be the same about friends who didn't reply to text. Nothing but a big baby who is emotionally draining, really.


I don't mean to be horrible, but this is why I couldn't be with him anymore.

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Well - bottom line is this... the bill is in both your names...


You are liable and if he doesn't pay you are liable for the full 100%.


If he has trouble with money then why did you give him your half??? What happened to this money? Did he pay it or is he holding it till he has his 1/2?


You need to find out your legal obligations to this debt - who is primary? who is secondary? You may need to be the one paying this debt and take him to small claims court to get your half of it.


Be proactive and get your ducks in a row - don't be blindsided at the last minute.

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Its not a large bill, its only £250 in total, so no need to go to small claims court. If he is dishonest and does that, then I may punch him in the face if I see him. Im not going to be forced into keeping in contact and give in to his demands just because he can keep me connected over a bill. Its manipulative. I will speak to the Council Tax people if I need to, but since yesterday he has agreed to deal with it "like he has to everything else". He wanted to be in charge of our home from start to finish and then he complains that he has to wrap it up. He shouldnt have acted the way he did in the first place.

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