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So....I am going over to my boyfriend's house right now to tell him. I am nervous as . I can't believe this is happening to me right now.


I need to call my mom, first off. I am stressed about the talk.


But honestly, the only reason I am posting this thread is for support. I finally answered his call, and told him I would come over to explain since I am...well, confusing him. I just puked my guts out in my friends kitchen sink from nerves about this.


I'll update on how it goes when I get back.


(PS, if you are confused, read my post: "I just found out I have HPV".

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I just had to tell my soon to be ex wife that we may have it....but my doctor said that he wanted me to try some cream first in case it wasn't HPV...that way he wouldn't have to do a biopsy. I'm wondering if I should have waited until I knew for sure, but if I were her I would want to be able to manage the risk and the whole situation with my current partners so I just told her and let her know I would share the results with her as soon as I knew.....


That said, sounds like you do know for sure - yes you have to tell him. And for the reasons listed in your other post, you will NEVER, EVER know who gave it to who. If anyone goes making assumptions they're being irrational because that would all be speculation.


You should go in there with your head held high and deal only in facts. I will look forward to hearing your update, and I hope he doesn't freak out.


I also hope you're not driving after a bottle of vodka


Best wishes....

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Best of luck Interceptive. No matter how he reacts (and he may react negatively), know that you are doing the right thing and are brave for doing it when lots of people would just bury their heads in the sand.


We'll all be here waiting to hear how it went. Wishing the best for you.


I just read your other post - it sounds like it is at least possible that you got it from him, so there is little he can blame you for in this situation. I hope it all works out.

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