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am i just being immature about this?


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hey all


I have a concern regarding oral sex....i am with my boyfriend and our love making is out of this world, but when the idea of oral sex comes up i get weirded out! He enjoys going down on me and is patient with me about the whole thing with me not wanting to do it on him yet. I told him he shouldn't go down on me since im not returning the favor but he wants to anyway. i feel bad.


I don't know if i think it's gross or demeaning or what, but when it comes up i shy away from it and can't get myself to do it even though i want to please him the way he pleases me. How can i change my mindset to understand that it's a perfectly natural sexual activity??

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If it comes down to a hygene thing, then why not try it in the shower after you've washed it?


Also, it is okay for you not to want to do it. I had a long term girlfriend that didn't like doing it, I got over it and it didn't stop me going down on her. Your man sounds like a caring and understanding fellow, so just keep talking to him about it.

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Well, oral sex is not really "natural" but people still do it because it's fun and they want to please their partners. I find oral sex to be a personal thing...I mean when you are sucking on someone's penis, you probably get some pee in your mouth too (along with the precum and everything else that's there!). But I don't care to do it with partners I really care about and it's actually a huge turn on.


It's ok that you don't like it, but why not give it a try once? after shower like others suggested. You will probably get over it after you try it a few times.

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Haha its weird for the longest time I thought the same thing as you that oral for both guys a girls was gross and unnatural. But that was before I ever had a girlfriend (I was 18 when I got my first "real" girlfriend)


But now I love it and do it all the time!


So just go for it! Give it a shot, then post back here what you think.

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A simple suggestion, but have you thought about having him shave? As humans we seem to have a natural aversion to putting our mouths anywhere there is hair. Being shaven clean down there can go a long way towards assuaging that aversion. If hes game, have him trim it very short himself (if it isn't already) then take him in the shower and make foreplay out of shaving it smooth for him. Once you're done and if the mood is striking you, go for it. If not, you've still given him some great pre-game and I don't know about you other guys, but I love being clean shaven downstairs. I hope this helps, its a great feeling to give your partner that kind of pleasure outside of sex.

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Try taking a shower together and do it while the water is going. I've found that's the least unpleasant way, regarding cleanliness, smell, and mess. Water takes care of it all. Plus, if you end up not liking it, you've always got soap or lotion nearby to finish the job.

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This may get me in trouble....LOL...but here is my suggestion (if he is is sport about it)


**this helps if he's shaved down there...if not its just messier but maybe that's part of the fun...


1. have him shower

2. break out a can of Reddi Whip

3. Hershey's chocolate syrup too

4. make a banana split



...I think it's more in your mind than anything, as I realized, because by comparison, a guy that is hygienic and clean is way cleaner down there than a girl.


As for spit versus swallow, that's totally another story, but if it's just a natural hesitation to put your mouth there...there are lots of fun tasty ways to distract your mind from it until it doesn't bother you anymore.


I've noticed that what makes a guy go wild is when you WANT to do it and even seem to LIKE pleasuring them in that way. It must be the adolescent fantasy come true or something to have a girl "do that" and like it...or at least act like they do


For me, fair is fair. I wouldn't expect anyone to do unto me something I was unwilling to do unto them so...

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from whay pilotgirl said' date=' i think i might bring some honey into the bedroom since i absolutely love the stuff..i'll pour some on his member and really surprise him...lol[/quote']


won't it get a little sticky?? what about bumble bees?

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sticky might feel awesome to him...think really thick lotion or whatever lube he might use when solo. Honey would be pretty sweet *ha! until it started dry out and harden which takes a while...probably hours. If you "clean" most of it off, it will be less of an issue.


If you are worried about the sheets, just lay down a sheet you don't mind throwing right in the washer on hot and honey being a sugar will melt right out.


He'd better shower right afterward because if he falls asleep he might wake up kinda locked in place! Oooh...even better reason to make sure he's shaved. Ow!!! hahha!


I always loved the looks I got at the grocery store when all I had was Hershey syrup, whipped cream and Astroglide...what?

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i've never done it and in my mind i always think 'your mouth is not suppose to be there, it's unhygienic"


i know its irrational and im trying to get that out of my head




I don't know if this helps or not, but a penis actually carries very, very few germs on it. Urine is completely sterile, and it's not as if urine actually gets anywhere on the skin of the penis.


If you're worried about hygeine and germs, in all reality if you tried to go down on him, HE should be the one saying "Keep your filthy mouth and hands away from my penis, it's unhygenic", since both the mouth and hands carry far, far more germs than a penis.


Hope that helps put it in perspective.



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