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Dandruff shampoo recommendation?

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I am looking for an effective dandruff shampoo.


I bought some Head & Shoulders "Intensive Treatment" because it had high ratings. However, turns out it stinks like gasoline, clay, and 2-day-old unrefrigerated leftover chicken mixed together. It's gross! Even if I wash my hair again right afterwards with my tea tree lavender mint shampoo, my hair still stinks for at least a full day after using it.


I'm wondering if you can give me any recommendations for other effective (but non-stinky) dandruff shampoos? Thanks so much.

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Yeah, I was going to recommend anti-fungal shampoo. It sort of stinks, though. But if your dandruff is caused by fungus, it'll clear it up for a good long time.


Are you prone to other fungal infections? If you buy a bottle of pure tea tree oil, you can add a few drops either to your shampoo yourself or after as a rinse (after conditioner). Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.


Your tea tree oil lavender mint shampoo sounds like it would smell soooo good though! I had a shampoo that was tea tree oil/mint, and it was like heaven in a bottle to smell, unfortunately not so good for my hair.

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I love how my tea tree lavender mint shampoo smells, and feels. It still doesn't cover up the awful dandruff shampoo's smell though, if I've used that first.


I doubt my problem is fungal because it clears up instantly after using H&S, but comes back after a week. My skin and hair are generally dry and flaky. Unfortunately, I don't want to visit a dermatologist because I would be paying out of pocket and it's not worth it to me. I doubt I'm overwashing because I don't shampoo every day.

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