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so uhm basic story here.. me & my hubby(well basically) have his 2 year old son from some one else but he has full custody we have a 2 month old daughter together and are pretty happy with our little family


except one little detail... mommy and daddy are both horn dogs... so whats the problem you might ask?


he's suppose to be getting fixed in august (still has the appointment and everything and is still going to go) ... problem is not once but twice now we've gone and done it without protection i didn't go on anything cuz i thought his appointment would have been booked alot earlier than this and we thought we could make it with just using condoms(which we have) but we both caved cuz well it just plain out feels better without and we gone this long with one we missed the good ole bareback.. and now i'm slightly freaking out that we may have a 3rd child on the way... which were doing ok financially but with a 3rd we might be in some trouble..


just really venting here but wondering if this has happen to others and how they dealt with it.


also as of late i was having some slight cramps & i've been eating like a horse.. not sure if its from after having our daughter or the possible 3rd...

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Also i'm not sure when to test... i had my last period about 2-3 weeks ago (i think) so if any one has any ideas let me know. it just keeps eating at me i wanna test but my finace says its too early (he makes a good point) but i don't know when my next period is suppose to arrive.. so i have no idea..




my head goes crazy please help..




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