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You WILL be fine...eventually!

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This goes out to those who have been dumped, left for another person, divorced or pretty much just hurt!!! Hope this gives some help or hope in some way....


I know what it's like to have someone you love be your whole world, and then one day its gone and it feels as if everything we ever knew just fell to pieces. We spend days, weeks, even months in agony, not knowing really how the pain will stop or how we will stop loving them.


We make complete fool dof ourselves...callin, textin, emailing non-stop tryin to change the outcome. In my case, the ex left me for some issues in our past and then proceeded on to being wit another girl 3 days later whom he is still with today. I was so pissed off and could not understand his mentality at the time. I was the one he loved, so why was he not mine??? Its been a long 6 months since the BU. Some days the pain still feels unbearable at times but usually its not as bad as it use to be. Here is some revelations ive learned with my situation.


First off...its gonna hurt, and its gonna hurt like hell. that feelings in inevitable. the way you deal with the pain IS something you can control. For instance...after my BU...i bought a car, got into college, got a fulltime job, bought a laptop...pay for my own stuff. The ex on the othe rhand has done nothing along those lines. We will go on for days and days missing that person, wishin things were different. But there not. We must not be vengeful and angry they are gone...but thankfull they were ever there to begin with. Too many ppl take advantage of love and fail to realize loving someone is not a guaruntee its forever. You gotta cherish it while you have it... its not gonna hurt this bad forever. but it will hurt now and thats ok. the pain lets us know were alive and what we had was real. one day you will hit a point where you can look back at the memories and smile instead of cry. thats when you know ure fine now. people are meant to come in our lives, sometimes not to stay...but never the less, they impact us in some deep ways. Just cuz u think bout them everyday, does not mean they dont think bout you. Cuz if you meant anything to them..then of course there are days u cross theyre minds too. When things end for whatever reasons...dont sit there trying to figure out why. you will beat ureself up so muchb more byd doing that. instead, look at what kept you guys going. learn from each relationship. you will learn new things about ureself and realize u CAN make it thru any pain the heart feels. its not a process to be rushed...but the dark moments are what make the good ones so much brighter. Everything will be okay. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing...are the same thing! Not evryone is suppose to stay...but doesnt mean its not worth it, cuz it is. Cry as if the tears wont stop...cuz they do. be angry as if u have no other emotion...but you do. smile as if its going out of style...but its not. and love as if uve never been hurt...uve loved before, you can love again. Best of luck to everyone out there who is pain right now. It gets better...i promise. each heart is different...so each heart will mend differently! xoxo Bri...kepp on pushin on!

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sunday2010........... i was wit my ex for lil over a year, broke up in january of this year, so yeah nout 6months ago. there is no real time frame for when the heart moves on and heals. its all about what u do wit ure time during the healing process. if he is now dating someone, consider him as if he were dead to you and pretend as if u CANT see or tlk to him even if u wanted to. ull be fine after awhile. u just gotta go thru the pain and remember, u have loved before and u will love again. this is one of the the lessons in life where it teaches us how strong we really are. the heart will heal. i promise, it wont always feel so bad.


missthinkpink....as noted ^ no real time frame for when it gets easier, BUT it will!!!! it really does come down to what you do with ure time while ure healing. if we sit there thinking bout all the memories and dwell on the past too much, it will eat away at us. easier said than done i kno. we all just want to love and be loved in return...SO when we feel thats gone. its horrible. years may go by and u still will feel some sort of pain or emotion for the person, however it will never feel nearly as bad as the beggining stages. the heart will let go and move on in the time it wants lol...thats what sucks. but it will heal!

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The last few days have been so hard.knowing what i know.hes hooked up with somebody who works in teh same field as him but witha different company.he woudl of ran into her everyday he worked.so it was obvious there was an attraction.to think i moved my life to be with him and he he didn't even value it.he took up with her even before the breakup or after not long.and i think it sucks and shows how little he loved me.

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