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Feta Cheese and other Misc.


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Can I really not have feta cheese? I feel like that advice must have been written before all cheeses were pasteurized. I can't imagine I could find an unpasteurized cheese if I tried!! Or do I just know very little about my cheeses?

Also, I've given up diet coke...I'm assuming anything with aspertame (sugar free jello, etc.) is just as bad??

I'm having a hard time with bread and sugar and it's making me feel guilty. My baby is only the size of a kidney bean, developing arms, legs and brain cells.....I'm assuming it's normal to get a little anxious about what you eat your first time around.

I would love to hear from moms regarding bread, sugar, aspertame and cheese. Never thought I'd create a thread on those specific foods!

Thank you and many blessings to you and yours!!


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I have no idea how people cope with avoiding foods in pregnancy. No pate for example. I love pate I've heard the one about soft cheeses as well.


I do wonder how much damage it does, if you eat healthily overall. People have been having babies for years without problems before they knew about the dangers of pate, right?!


Still, it's only for 9 months I don't think you can go far wrong unless you tried to survive on chocolate cake alone.

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I'm no health expert but I think it's a good idea to avoid whatever your doctors have told you. They usually give all expecting moms lists of foods to avoid during pregnancy. I have avoided all those items on that list. I also bought myself a book called:


What to expect: Eating well when your expecting.


Better to be safe than sorry...trust me giving up certain food sucks but it will all be worth it in the end.

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This is the thing....I've read/heard/been told to avoid unpastuerized cheeses, but I can't imagine that there's any cheese in the US that's unpastuerized.

And I know bready items and sugary items are a no-no...I just wanted some comradery as I'm finding it harder to give up those things than I thought. For one whole week I could only stomach soft pretzels with mustard for lunch. The thought of anything else made me gag.

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There are plenty of feta and blue cheeses that ARE pasteurized. So you don't need to worry about those:








The soft cheese made in the US are usually okay because they are made from pasteurized milk (pasteurization kills the Listeria organism.) Imported soft cheeses are usually best to avoid. Here is a short list of soft cheeses to avoid:

  • feta (goat cheese)
  • brie
  • Camembert
  • blue-veined cheeses, like Roquefort


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When I was pregnant I ate pasteurized feta and blue cheeses. I bought them at the grocery store were I could read the label to see if they were pasteurized. You should be more cautious in restaurants though, or when buying unlabeled cheeses from small shops or local farmers. But any of the large-scale name brands in the grocery store will usually be pasteurized- and the food label will indicate it.

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