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i don't know how to deal with emotions

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Ever since I was 14 (i'm now 21) when bad things happen to me, my solution is to go out with my friends, get completely trashed on alcohol to move on and forget. My counsellor has told me this has stunted my emotional development because I haven't developed the skills to deal with emotions I just drown them with booze. i think my emotions are still the same as when I was 14 - I get intensely depressed over trivial things. I can't bear these feelings.So I'm just curious as to how other people deal with rubbish emotions aside from alcohol?

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I'm not good at dealing with emotions myself. Supposedly I live in denial, but then again I cracked when I was forced to deal with them, and people honestly have limits in what they can take and I was push well beyond mine throughout my adult life.


Booze is one way, exercise is another way to cope, excessive eating is a third way to cope. All help in some way and hurt in others. Therapy is probably a good solution for those of us who don't cope in the "right way".

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Well I have a mental health problem, and it was really bad back in high school. I saw a counselor for a year.


Now, I just exercise when I'm feeling bad. That could be running, rollerblading, walking, or doing weights. I think exercise is a great outlet. You just gotta make yourself do it.


If something trivial is making you upset, just take a moment to think about it. Try to ask yourself why it's making you upset. It's way easier said than done (like many things are), but try to just let it go. I used to ruminate a lot, but now I don't. I didn't learn how to stop ruminating right away. It took a lot of time, actually, but you probably learn to just let things go also. It's a lot about becoming aware of your feelings and reactions.

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