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Ex is threatening to not let me see my kids unless I sign this letter.


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My ex and I have been broke up for 2 years, she is remarried and we have joint custody of our 5 and 9 year old kids. I get them every other weekend and she is now threatening me that I will not get them this weekend unless I respond and agree to the email below. This is stupid. I am a great dad, pay all my child support and have never done anything to put my kids in danger. I am not sure what to do. She has so overstated everything below and I am not happy about it.


I gave my kids almost every bath they ever had and put them to bed almost every night up to 2 years ago when we split. She never worked and when I got home she said they are all yours and I would watch them the rest of the night. She would just go upstairs and get on the computer. Any advice?


Please reply to the following email to agree to the following "Responsible Parenting Rules":


1. Since both children do not know how to swim, when around an ungated pool area, both must wear water wings unless pool is less than 4' deep, in which case only Eliana is required to wear the water wings, both in water and within 3' of pool's edge.


2. Children are NOT to be left unattended by you, both when playing outside their unfenced home, and when at a friend's house.


Might I remind you of last year:

You took them to a water park and Josh ends up needing an MRI for a concussion due to carelessly being watched by you.


The year before that:


The police show up to your house to inform you that you had not been paying attention to Josh as he had driven his trike down a county road for several blocks.


Need I say more?


Please reply to agree to the terms of this email or look forward to a visit from child services for endangering my children, suspending your custody.

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You not responding to her e-mail is not grounds for child protective services. If you have legal joint custody, then her breaking the agreement would fall on her.


She is strongholding you and trying to make threats....I would just civilly reply saying you expect to see your children as legally scheduled by the courts. If not, you will get legal assistance with the matter.


Make sure you keep that email in case you need it for court evidence.


Oh, but do make sure you are watching your children carefully...accidents do happen all the time, but being mindful can help prevent some. I'm sure you know that already though, but I would be extra careful based on this woman's vindictiveness. It seems she is trying to hold a couple instances over your head forever...I would not trust this woman. Don't be surprised if she makes false claims against you if you don't reply the way she wants you to.

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