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Would you think it was out of line if your friend did this?

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My neighbor/friend had a grocery bag filled with something and a note, I guess from his girlfriend (since she was the last person here.) It was hanging on the outside door of my apartment building, which was locked.


As a friend, I didn't want to leave it there. I did not read the note, or look in the bag! However, I left it on the floor outside his apartment, and knocked on his door.


Anyway, this might be me being paranoid, but do you think I stepped over some boundaries here? Should I have left the bag hanging on the door outside? I don't want him thinking I'm going through his private stuff (and I didn't), but I'm very concerned about what people think about me, so I'm worried that I might have broken some sort of social rule.


What do you think? Did I step over the line? Should I just pretend like nothing happened, or should I apologize to him?

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That seems fine. People in my condo building do that all the time. We have an unlocked lobby (where people can leave stuff, packages....) but they can't get to the apartments. people leave me packages outside my door as well. that was nice of you.

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That seems perfectly fine. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.


Okay, that's good.


I just worry about coming off as creepy or a stalker. I know I'm neither one of those things, but I've been called weird before, so I tend to be paranoid about how I'm coming off to people.

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I've gotten counseling, anotherday.


One thing you probably don't know is that I have social anxiety. So I battle with this every day. Just today, I went to go pay a bill, and I thought a bunch of teenagers were laughing at me. This made me feel overly critical about my appearance (I hadn't shaved, and my hair was a mess, so was it me?)


It usually turns out that it's me being paranoid, because maybe the teenagers were laughing at something else. But I'm always living in fear of being judged.

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